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July 2007
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One Nation, Underbog…

Ok. Late post.. Does anyone actually read this stuff? 🙂

Last night was a Shadow Labyrinth run.  Purely rep.  We ran through pretty quick with Traebear (Bligh’s Paladin) healing, 2 Hunters (Me and Arienna), Syne tanking and a Rogue.  Nothing special, nothing all that interesting… Although the shield that Bligh had wanted for so long (he has a better one already anyway though) finally dropped…. He wasn’t there to get it though!  Ah well..

We then did a quick frag run for Osric (one of Syne’s alts.. or it is Syne is one of Osric’s alts???).  Into SV we went to get the frag!  Woot.  Then we decided to give Heroic Underbog a try again.  Given that it was pretty late by the time we went in, we only cleared up to the first little chest in the first area.  We’re getting better at it though.

I’m not sure what is going on tonight.  There was talk of starting the evening with the Heroic instead of doing it later..   I think Osric and Turais also need to get the Arcatraz key (which is a little more involved than the SV one).  If they do that, then they also might want to do Durn and BM 🙂 .. I dunno.. Up to everyone else. I’ll go anywhere.  I got my priest up to lvl 28 finally (on a side note) and got all the upgrades for lvl 28 skills.  Pretty happy with the haul!  I have to now push to 29 and 30!  If I get him to 30, he’ll be the highest level character since my main .. LOL.. That is pretty sorry.

Well, that’s it for now.  I will try to get these posts out earlier.. That is if anyone is still reading them.  ????  Is anyone out there?  Am I typing just to hear my keyboard click?  I think so. 🙂  Later me (since I’m the only one reading this.. haha)