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July 2007
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Morose on the Weekend

Back.. I’m back… Did I go somewhere?  No.. not really.

This weekend was not my weekend to join the Kara run, so on Friday I decided to work on my Rogue a little.  I mean a little because I think I spent more time reading a book in front of the computer than leveling him.  Generally late (at least on the east coast), I got a tell from the raid leader asking if Fimlys was parked at Kara, I said “no, but I can login and get ported” and so he said “do it, quick!”.  Seems that they had taken down Attumen pretty easily, but were having issues with Moroes.  It had taken so long that one of the raid members had fallen asleep at their keyboard! (OK.. I’m Asleep at the Wheel, not Asleep at the Keyboard!!!)

Well, I got invited and tried to get into Kara to join the others for one final Moroes run before the respawn.  Well, kicking someone out of the raid (even if they are AFK) doesn’t seem to punt them from the instance.  They even tried attacking moroes and having him kill the player, but to no avail.  Respawns happened and the raid was called for the night. We got a quick group together and (I think.. it was so long ago now.. lol) we went and ran Shattered Halls. We are getting really good at that instance.

Saturday night was a different story (well, not really).  I was invited into the raid for tonight because we were short on people.  Tonight we had 1 priest, 1 paladin, 1 druid, 2 hunters, 2 warriors, 2 warlocks and a rogue.  There was some shuffling to just get 10 people to join (we need to work on this…).  Well, things didn’t go all that much different than the day before.. except with LESS success.  At first we tried killing just 1 of his adds and freezing/shackling the others. This didn’t go so good.  On the final attempt (it wasn’t final because we killed him, BTW) we tried killing 2 adds (the squishy ones) and Trap CCing the other 2 for the rest of the fight (we had 2 hunters.. woot).  That did the best and I think if we tried it a few more times (or even just once) we could have done it, but we decided to call it and regroup another day.  We had many issues in the beginning of the run trying to get a second tank to come and so a group of us decided to get one of our guild tanks attuned.  We went and our somewhat “usual” group went into Durn and BM and wiped them clean!  The group was Karine (MH), Syne (Warrior, MT), Lager (Bligh’s Lock), Rogue, me.  Everything went smoothly and Syne and Lager both got attuned to Kara.

I forgot to mention (I don’t think I talked about it in any other posts.. I’m getting so confused) that one night, not sure which… maybe thurs, we joined our rogue in Black Morass for a “run to exalted” quest.  He wanted to get the exalted dagger they have for Keepers of Time and so we went in and cleared up to the final boss twice without killing him.  We let him kill Medivh and ran out, waited for the reset and did it again.  We did that 2 times and then we did a full run.  That gave him enough faction rep to get to exalted and I think it got another of our group enough to get revered.

Ah.. Back to last night (Sunday).  Logged in and we really didn’t have the right mix of players to go back to Kara again, so we got a quick group together to get Bligh his last bits of rep for Exalted HH.  He wanted a cool tanking Sword.. 🙂

Group consisted of:

Bligh (Warrior, MT)
Arienna (Hunter)
Druid (MH)
Eerlish (Rogue)

We did a pretty good job with very few issues and ran through to the first boss where he got his exalted status and decided to stop there.  We moved on to … Heroic Underbog.  We tried this once before a while ago and had issues with the 2 Bog Lords before the first boss.  This time, I am happy to say that, although we still had quite a few issues, we got all the way to the second boss and took him down. 2 More Badges of Justice to add to my growing collection!.!.! Oh, Kezz switched in for Arienna in the heroic (Mage instead of Hunter).

That’s about it for my weekend. Hope yours was a good one. 🙂  Talk at you later.

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