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July 2007
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Grind O’ Lot

Another day, another update.

On logging in last night, I decided to relocate my lvl 23 rogue to southshore for a bit of grinding at Durnhold (the “new” one.. lol).  Turns out that this is nice and easy since the mobs are well spaced and you can just go around the outside ring, take them out and then run around the other side.. I picked up a level (24 now, woot!) in about a 1/2 hour and then went to pick up the flight path in Southshore and park Freez in the inn.

Getting back on Fimlys, Kezz got a group together to run Shattered Halls (yah, again..).  They were busy helping out some guildies take down Durn the Hungerer and some other mobs in Nagrand, so I went and respec’ed Larry (my scorpid) for better off-tanking.  He was pretty good before, but his Stamina was severly lacking and thus he went down a little faster than maybe he should have.  I sacrificed the extra-high Arcane resist I had put on him for the stamina (top level) and medium level armor (which I think he had higher armor before).  He’s looking at 12k armor right now and over 6k health (better than the 5.5k he had before!).  I also gave him the usual accoutrement of Avoidance, “That one that speeds up your attacks” and his Scorpid Poison (of course).  [Don’t Forget Growl!! woot]…

Once that was done, I picked up a few gems for my items and we headed out to break the Halls.

We did a pretty good job.  The group consisted of:

Bligh (Warrior, MT)
Karine (Druid, MH)

Through the whole instance only Bligh and Karine died (even Larry survived every encounter).  We had a great time and Karine got Revered in HH during the first run.  Since I was only around 900 rep away from exalted and the Mage was close to Revered, we reset and came back in and cleared it again… NO DEATHS!!!   Shutout baby!   1.2.3..  And we were all really tired too.. Amazing. I was on autopilot I think.. Sleeping though some of the pulls..  The only thing that happened is when I was running out (to go get me gun, more on that later) an assassin surprised me. I feigned and stuck larry on him.. Got up and ran like a little child.. 🙂  Made it out of the instance though.. So. I guess Larry was the only casualty of that run (of course, it was after the run was over).

Ok.. So, I got Exalted in Honor Hold.. (WOOT!).. What kinda lootz did I get?  What did I work soooo hard grinding through Shattered Halls over and over and over again???  Well.. Let me show you!

Veteran’s Musket  Woot!!  I’m too lazy to take a screenshot and put it up.. just follow the link 🙂 I also picked up Pattern: Nethercobra Leg Armor which I am pretty excited about too.. Have to get that Primal Nether though.. I’m gonna roll next heroic we run :).  I went and picked up a +10 scope from the AH (the +12s are frickin crazy money for +2 damage…)

That’s it for last night’s festivities.  I’m really excited about the new Musket.  It has less damage than the  sharprifle I think, but is faster (Rifle is 3.0, Musket is 2.7).  My crit is up to 20%, so the more frequent firing might give me more chance for Crits too..

Tonight.. I don’t know what we are doing.  I know our Rogue wanted to run Black Morass for rep, maybe we’ll head out and do that.. Or maybe head into a Heroic Ramaparts or try Heroic Furnace (Anyone have any experience in Furnace?  What did you think?)

Later all..

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