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Long Delayed

So… Yes, I’m a little delayed on the continuation of yesterday’s post. I’m sorry. Just getting tied up in a lot more stuff lately.

This weekend, as usual, the guild did a Kara run. Started on Friday, skipped Saturday, and went back on Sunday. Friday we took down Attumen with no trouble (We’re pretty good at that one!). Moroes on the other hand was nothing but. We always seem to get a pretty bad draw on the add types and this time was no exception. For some reason the adds were breaking their CC very early and killing the healers. That, obviously, is a bad thing and we reset the encounter a few times. We even got respawns of the dancers and had to re-clear the room! Finally, after many many tries, we took him down. We had only one paladin in the group and no mage (since our mage had to come as her Druid to heal). Not really sure what the problem was completely, but at least we finally got him down. It was a pretty good day for me since I picked up Stalker’s War Bands (from Attumen) and Edgewalker Longboots from Moroes. Go me :).. I still need to get the boots enchanted with the Dexterity enchant (of course I get the boots just after I get my old boots enchanted). I’m pumping out the DPS though!

Sometimes I switch from my Telescopic Sharprifle to my Wrathfire Hand-Cannon which is faster but less damage each shot. It spreads out my DPS a little and gives the tank a little time. It also makes me more mana efficient since I don’t tend to use Steady Shot and Arcane as much since my gun actually fires generally quickly :). Really depends on the fight though. Big boss fights still get the Sharprifle. I’d really like to get the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle, but it has to drop first :). I only go to kara every other weekend so it might take a while. I’ve also been eyeing Veteran’s Musket but I need to run Shattered Halls (or raparts/furnace heroic) a few more times to get that.  You know when I do, the sniper rifle will drop next time we are in Kara.

Saturday was a day off.. I didn’t really play WoW all that much. I did play a bit of DiRT for 360. It is a really polished game and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

Sunday we went back into Kara and had some issues with the Maiden.  Once again we had to clear the trash a second time after respawns but we finally took her down.  We moved on to the opera and it was Big Bad Wolf.. Hooray.. Maybe my Gun will drop???  Well, it might have.. But we ended up calling it since a few people had to leave after we wiped a few times.  Ah well.. Maybe next time.

Monday night was a Shattered Halls run (for rep for that gun!) that went fine other then my computer restarting while we were pulling a big group.   Not surprisingly, I was dead on reconnect.  Nothing all that exciting dropped for me.  Actually, I don’t even think I won any of the greens that dropped either.  I’m getting closer to exalted though. I know Bligh wants to get the tanking sword that HH has too.

I really am getting to the point when I would love to have an alt to play and switch between (or a few). I know it is harder to get rep and such like that, but it would be nice to have a choice.  My highest alt is still 29 and I’m not sure that I have the motivation to really push another character to 70.  I think that if I got them to 60, I would have fun in outland questing again.  They did a great job with the quests and such there.

Well, that is enough pining for one day.  I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment. .If I’m not asleep that is.. 🙂

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