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July 2007
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KillSomething – Arena Adventure

Ok.. I’m a PvP noob..  Fimlys had, as of Thursday night…  1 Honorable kill!  (Yep. that is 1). I thought I had played around in WG a bit a long time ago though.  I didn’t find it all that exciting when I did.  I had heard that the Arena stuff was pretty cool and that generally the matches were quick (ish) compared to BGs.  Ah well…  I had been pushing Kezz and Pil that we should setup a 3v3 team for Arena and check it out.  So, on friday night after our Karazhan run (I’ll talk about that later [or in another post]), Kezz asked if I wanted to try it out.  So we setup our new 3v3 Arena team: KillSomething (Me, Kezz [Mage], Traebear [Pil’s Paladin] )and headed in.  In a practice round we smoked the team of 2 that we fought (lol)!  We were on fire!  So, full of our imagined prowess we entered ourselves into a ranked match…. And got our heads handed to us.  We sucked.  I’m pretty sure we just don’t understand the general strategies for Arena, since  none of us had participated in this before.  It could also be the team makeup: Hunter, Mage, Paladin.  Dunno.. Anyone else have any success with that combination?

After losing 2 times, it was decided we would try out Eye of the Storm BG.  None of us had been in this particular BG before, but Pil had been in quite a few himself. We went in and, not understanding the goals just started killing the Horde :).. It was so much fun!  We lost, of course.  We went in again and, still not knowing what we were doing, got yelled at by the other players and they eventually left.  We lost again!  Not surprising.  Again we went in (One last time..) ..  We understood the idea now and went to capture the towers.  We were doing pretty well at first, but then I think things fell apart and … again… we lost.. Ah well, got 3 tokens anyway.  It was pretty fun.  I still want to go back and try the Arena some more. Maybe I should do some reading on strategies.  We can always mix up the group if we need to, since Kezz and Pil have so many alts.

Ah well, I’m gonna post this for now and get back to the rest of the weekend (Karazhan run and all) for another post later.

See ya.

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