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July 2007
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Independence Day Heroics

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days.  Fourth of July holiday got the best of me I guess. 

I’m happy to say I’ve been enjoying my new scorpid, Larry.  He is fully specced and generally can do a pretty good job tanking.  He’s no match for a Beast Master’s pet, but he can hold his own  (I’m kind of a closet BM, but I like my Silencing Shot…. for now).  I found some new blogs that I want to share with you because I find them pretty good. 

First one is Mania’s Arcania.  There is some good information about the Scorpid Poison stacking and just general WoW (and specific Hunter) news as well.

Second is a more generic blog Home of the Mystic which, while not always Hunter specific, has some pretty good stuff.

Ok.. On to the past few days.. What have I been up to? Yah.. That’s what we do here. Basically I just relate the events of the night before’s Playing in WoW.  Well, I also picked up Overlord for the PC.  I would recommend anyone getting this for the PC (it is $20 cheaper than the 360 version) to use a gamepad.  Yes, the Microsoft 360 one is probably the one most suited for the game.  I really enjoyed it.  It is fun sending your minions around ransacking stuff and causing general havoc. I agree with some reviews that the lack of an in game map (and at least a compass) can make things very confusing some times.  Maybe they (or someone else) will add one in as a patch soon.

Oh.. other crap.  Took my son to see Transformers on Tuesday. I thought it was pretty good.. The story was okay and the special effects were spot on. Ok.. enough other crap. You didn’t come here to listen to me ramble (oh wait.. yes you did.. just not about transformers and overlord…).


Ah yes.. The last few nights.. Well, they were full of Heroic instance runs.  Monday night.. Um.. Oh.. It was so long ago. Oh yeah. It was our Heroic Mechanar run (1st of the last few nights).  Group was:

Bligh (Warrior, MT)
Kezz (Mage)
Priest (MH)
Me (And Larry, of course)

We did pretty well generally.  The mobs went down without many issues (although they seemed to like breaking the freezing trap more quickly than they should).  The mini-bosses weren’t too bad and the First main boss was (as usual) lots of fun (I LOVE that boss fight.. more like that please Blizzard). We skipped the second “Main” boss and went down the hallway to take on the last one (I think he is the Calculator or abacus or something.. lol).  After using the little “run to the elevator to reset the mobs” trick to get down the hall, we got to busy on the Abacus dude (ok.. Calculator).  Well, actually he kinda got busy on us!  We must have tried that fight at least 20 times (if not more).  A few times we actually got him down to 1% but he wiped us!  It was (as you probably can understand) very frustrating….. We called it a night pretty late and vowed he would go down soon.  I think I dreamed about that place that night (or at least that fight).  The thing that got us was the adds.  We tried many different strategies and none worked. 


Tuesday night.. Oh what a night.. 🙂  Tuesday brought a suggestion that we go Heroic Ramparts.  Happy to oblige, I flew to Honor Hold and we entered the Ramparts. About 10 minutes in, we all got kicked from the server.  Seems that Draenor rebooted (or something) and there were issues with the Instance Server too.  We ended up having to restart the instance from the beginning (I’m glad we hadn’t gotten farther).  Group was:

Bligh (Warrior, MT)
Kezz (Mage)
Paladin (MH)
Me (And Larry, lol)

Whole thing went well.  We had some issues on the last “mob” area in the instance since they are some pretty wonky pulls there.  We also (as usual) had lots of problems with the second boss.  For some reason he seems to be the worst in here on Heroic (He keeps spawning those stupid mana-stealing demons).  We did it though and I picked up a purple belt.  (I don’t remember what it is to be able to link it right now)  It was a Druid belt kinda, but it had some decent +agi and +int.  Nothing all that special there.  Afterwards, called it a night and went to bed.


Wednesday night (Happy Independence Day) – After talking some strategy (and getting my boots and chest armor enchanted) we decided to give Heroic Mech another chance. Our paladin needed a bit of rep to get the heroic key and Bligh needed only a little to get Exalted and pick up his Epic Shield.  The team had a little change from Monday night, here’s the roster:

Bligh (Warrior, MT)
Kezz (Mage)
Priest (Healer)
Paladin (Healer)
Me (do I have to mention Larry again?)

Although a little lower on DPS (without our Rogue) than last time, we had a little better survivability with the 2 healers (I don’t know who was MH, or even if there was a “MAIN” one).  No problems on the mini-bosses or the first boss (Once again, LOVE that fight).  Skipped the Second Boss (as usual) and went on to clearing the bridge.  We had some odd issues killing the Big robot dudes, but a few wipes later, we got them down.  Going into the last boss, we bit it once, but then our strategy really kicked in and we took him down.  Having the paladin there helped with us picking up the adds.  I mostly ignored them and focused DPS on the boss.  We got him down to 20% and the adds despawned (well, most of them).  Unfortunately, they took down our Priest before we could get to them, but thankfully we had an additional healer (Paladin.. FTW) and lasted long enough to grind him down.  I believe some Priest boots dropped and the Beast Lord helm again (I have 2 and I’ve seen it drop too many times to count).  Oh.. on the First main Boss, I picked up an Epic gem +6 Crit, +4 (or 5) dodge.  I actually had a yellow stone with +6 crit already socketed, but since noone else wanted it, I took it and put it in to give a little more dodge.


Ok.. I’ve babbled on enough today.  Not sure what tonight will bring. Maybe another heroic.  I want to try Blood Furnace, but we’ll just have to see.

Later all

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