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July 2007
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We Be 100

Hiya!  Welcome to the 100th Post!  I’m Fimlys and I’ll be your host for this star studded (ok, maybe not) spectacular spectacle.

Yay.. I did it.  I made it to 100 posts.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  Ah well.  Not stopping here!  Gonna keep right on chugging to reach 1000 posts!  WOW!!!  (doubt that one! ha)

So, weekend information eh?  Well.. let me see.. It’s been a while now 🙂

Friday night was a short night.  It wasn’t my weekend to join the guild in Kara, so I did a little farming such.  I did something I have wanted to do for a while now. I picked up a Scorpid pet.  The one I chose were the ones north of Black Temple.  They are lvl 69 and so are the highest level Scorpids you can tame.  He has the Poison attack that stacks up to 5 times and does 11 nature dmg per 2s each. I named him Larry!

I also played my rogue a bit (lvl 23! woot) and logged out early to watch a movie and get some sleep.  (exciting, eh).  The Kara group got past the Maiden and called it quits for the night.

Saturday night I logged in figuring I was in the same boat as Friday, no Kara for me, but…. The warlock was not coming and guess what? I was invited to take his place.  Wow, 2 hunters in Kara at the same time!  We did okay, but for some reason we were having many problems with the Oz Opera event.  Wipe after Wipe after Wipe.  We recleared the trash once, but on the next time we decided to call it quits.  It just wasn’t happening, not sure if thy changed the encounter since the last time we were there, but Dorothy’s bolts were doing crazy damage. After the run was called, we got a group together to go run Mech (just to kill something it was said) and learned some new, interesting tips from a “once Mythos” friend that joined us.  I really like the idea that you can run back to the elevator when aggroing the mobs in the final hallway to reset them so you can put up marks to control the chaos.

Sunday we did a Botanica run and… (cue drum roll here).. My Beast Lord Cuirass dropped finally!! I’m really excited.  We then did a quick Mechanar run and afterwards Kezz made me lots of gems for my Handguards, Shoulders and Cuirass. Larry also finally got to lvl 70 and “Best Friend” loyalty level.  I need to go “respec” him.  I think I really like the Arcane Resist, but as he is a tanky pet, I should probably get him either Stam or Armor. We’ll have to see.. I’ll experiment with him.

I’m all gemmed up and the shoulders might actually be better with gems than the Purple Beastmaw shoulders I had on before.  I really want to get exalted with Aldor so I can get the upgraded Shoulder enchant.  The group we took into Bot/Mech was:

Bligh (Warrior, MT)
Kezz (Mage)
Paladin (MH)
Hunter (and Larry)….

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying out a BM type spec, but I really like both scatter shot and the trapping enhancements.  I think I would also miss silence shot (I know I did when I tried an SV build a while ago).  I may check it out on the test realm and see what it feels like. I’m just used to my skills right now and doubt I will want to change them.. Hmm.. Although….

Anyway.. Hope your weekend was a  good one.

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