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June 2007
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Mor and Mor

Last night was a BM run.  I logged in and was told I’d been signed up for a BM run and then Heroic Durn.  🙂

BM went okay. We had to reset a couple of times because of deaths but it all worked out and we took down the final boss without much ado. I didn’t pick up anything in drops (although I’m not sure what they actually drop that I’d want), but at least they were different than the other night.

After finishing up, we headed into the CoT Durnhold instance, Heroic.  Lets just say we weren’t prepared. 🙂  We heard later that you really need 2 mages in there for CC since you get quite a number of mobs at once rushing you and they hit pretty hard.  We wiped twice and decided that it wasn’t such a good idea.  Instead we ran over to Arcatraz to pick up the third keyfrag for one of Pil’s alts. I guess that means another BM run at some point!

Tonight is the guild’s Kara run.  I think we are still running only 1 group, so this weeks is my sit-out week (unless they need another DPS I guess).  I will probably work on my Rogue a little (I’d like to respec him and get him up to lvl 23 at least).  I might also do the daily quests I can for gold since I’ve been spending a lot.  I haven’t gotten those enchants I want yet, maybe I can get them before people head into Kara.

That Boots – Dexterity one seems somewhat rare..  If anyone is on Draenor and is an Enchanter and has that recipe… Let me know 🙂  Otherwise, I might just have to run through Crypts a few times and see if we can get it.

That’s all for today.  Hope you guys have a good weekend if I don’t post until Sun/Mon.. 🙂 Laters.

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