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June 2007
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Sinking of the Botanic(a)

Ah yes. We have made our way back to Tempest Keep.  I knew it would happen. 🙂  We had been “signed up” to help out a guildie get his 3rd keyfrag, but he ended up not being able to make it.  So, instead we headed to Botanica.  I figured with all the luck I was having getting my Beast Lord set pieces, Warp Splinter might just drop the last one! (He didn’t … boo)

Actually, this run of Bot was a  first for me..  We actually fought and killed the second boss (actually pretty easy now given our gear..)  We ripped through the place pretty well and only wiped twice (ish).  The third boss was a little tough in that we wiped the first time because we weren’t really ready I guess.  The second time was almost a wipe too when our healer went down quick and all that was left after a few seconds was Kezz (Mage) and me.  I went down with the boss having a litle less than 10k (or maybe a little more, the memory.. .it not so good) and Kezz went on to blink kite the guy to his eventual demise.  GO KEZZ! WOOT!

The other bosses (including the big Splinter himself) were pieces of cake..  our Rogue who had somewhat just made lvl 70 had a field day on the loot.  He picked up quite a few blue pieces that should enhance his stats nicely.  I didn’t get any Sha’tar rep (since I am maxed out) but I did get some Aldor rep from Mark drops (no armaments though.. sigh).

I’ve told you previously (I think) that I’ve been hoarding greens and BOP blues for a while on my bank alt (who is also my enchanter) so that when he got to 35, I could raise my enchanting and disenchant the lot for mats.. Well, I decided to stop waiting and asked Arienna (Kezz’s Hunter/Enchanter alt) to come help me by DEing all my crap.  I ended up with an insane amount of Arcane Dust, Greater Planar Essence (I think) and a few Large Prismatic Shards..  I’ve decided that (at least for now), I’m vendoring all the greens I get :)….. Now I need to get someone to do these enchants for Fimlys:..   Enchant 2H Weapon – Major Agility, Enchant Boots – Dexterity and at some point (I think I need more Large Prismatic Shards) Enchant Chest – Exceptional Stats.  That would be just amazing.. (Especially the Maj Agi… wow)… Just the first 2 would increase my Agi by 47!  Adding the other would give another 6 to agi and all the other stats too.. I see that as a win.. I might just go buy the additional Shards 🙂  I have to look also to see if I have small ones that can be converted.. I heard an enchanter can do that. I am really excited 🙂

Ok.. enough of that.  We may end up doing that 3rd frag run tonight.  Not sure.. I wonder if we finally have enough players attuned to try for a 2nd kara group this weekend.  I’m not on the roster as it is another hunter’s turn.  I think, though, we may have to think about switching out the members for the Curator part. I think the makeup of the group for the other Bosses is a little different.  Or.. as an alternative, look into changing the group makeup for ALL the bosses and see how it goes. It may make sense to have 2 hunters with pets specced for Arcane resist to help in taking down those adds on the Curator.  In addition a Arcane geared rogue to pick them up (or a warrior) would be nice too.

Ah well..  We’ll see what happens, the main group run starts tomorrow night.  Well, I think I’m outta here for now.  Lots of blathering. blah blah blah.. 🙂  Later all

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