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June 2007
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How Dark IS this Portal?

I had originally suggested Botanica for last night’s instance run-o-the-day.  However, we had a slight modification and instead went to “Opening the Dark Portal” (Otherwise known as Black Morass and forthwith will be known as BM).  Now, I have not been in BM as much as many of the guild has.  I was lucky and finished the instance on my 2nd or 3rd attempt with a good group.  Also, my presence had not been requested frequently to assist others in the culmination of their Kara attunement quests.  However.. In we did go.. And we did not only 1 successful run.  Oh no! We did not only do 2 successful runs.. Oh no! WE DID 3 RUNs!  We only reset the whole instance one time when the second boss ate our bacon.  Otherwise, through 2 wipes on the final boss (1 each for the first 2 runs for which we just ran back and beat him down) and an accidental start of the whole shebang by yours truly on the first run, we owned that place.

Ok.. so, party makeup.  This changed each of the 3 times, but we had 3 static toons.   These were our DPS core:

Kezz (Mage, Adds)
Rogue (DPS, help with Adds when necessary)
Me (DPS, DPS, Pull Aggro, Feign, DPS, DPS)… 🙂

1st Run:

Bligh (Warrior, MT)
Priest (MH)

2nd Run:

Druid (MT)
Traebear (Paladin, MH)

3rd Run:

Shortfuse (Warrior, MT)
Piladdin (Priest, MH)

Some interesting information we learned is that on the second boss, the warriors spell reflect (I think that’s what it is.. I’m no warrior) blocks the debuff this guy does. Um.. ok.. that’s the only interesting information.

The thing that pissed us off the most was that the loot that dropped was almost the same every run.  We got some crappy ring EVERY TIME from the first boss and then some lamp dropped from the second boss twice and the third boss dropped the staff all 3 times and plate legs all 3 times (although the last ones were different than the first 2).  Staff was good for vendoring though (nice 11g).  I did get a shard from one of the drops at least on the first run (since the priest could disenchant).

All in all, it was a really good night.  We showed what we could do and kicked some dragon butt.  We started our runs around 9:30 and finished all of them by around 1:30 I think???  (This is eastern time, US)  So, 4 hours for 3 BM runs doesn’t sound all that bad….

Hmm.. not sure what tonight will bring.  I have been enjoying playing my rogue a bit and I may need to just take some time to organize my bank toon(s).  I also may have Arienna (one of kezz’s alts) come and disenchant all the greens and blues I have in my bank to make some room.. I was saving them for when my rogue was 35 and could go get the next level of enchanting, but I’m not sure it is worth it since Arienna is such a good enchanter 🙂

Ah well.  Anyway, I’m outta here for now.  Keep moving forward!

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