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June 2007
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A Groovy Kind Of Run

Last night was an interesting night.  I got on and worked on my Rogue for a bit.  He didn’t get to lvl 23 yet, but he is getting closer.  When Piladden logged in and inquired as to what was up (finally!! lol), I switched back to Fimlys and we headed into Shattered Halls.  I had a quest to complete in there and I’d like to work on Exalted for HH.

Our group was a little different then the normal group we run with:

Syne (Warrior, MT)
Karine (Druid, MH)
Traebear (Paladin, OT/OH)
Me (Pet Blitz – OT)

We were a little light on crowd control, but with the off-tank we did a pretty good job. In addition we were a little low on DPS, but, while the fights took a little longer, we had a lot less deaths (only 1 wipe in last boss because of early pull) and thus finished the instance pretty quickly.  We learned a little something about the second boss though (O’Mrogg I think).  The pet with Growl seemed to be able to keep his aggro throughout the fight.  So having him main-tank the fight worked out great (as long as he was kept healed.. which he was 🙂 ).  The large groups gave us less trouble than you might think due to Trae’s consecration and ability to keep the mobs off of Karine.  My traps, additional off-tank pet and the Rogue’s sap helped round out our Mob control and give us an  edge that was, in the beginning, unexpected.  Everything just seemed to come together and while some of the larger fights were a little chaotic and sometimes a strain on Mana, we ripped through it and… Guess what?  My Beast Lord Handguards dropped.

I have some purple gloves right now, but I am planning on getting the new Beast Lord Shoulders and Handguards gemmed up and enchanted to be able to be used as secondary pieces and to get the 4 piece set bonus.  All I need now is the chest piece, which I WOULD probably wear as my main piece if I got it.  Drops from Warp Splinter in Botanica though, so I’m not sure when we would go back there any time soon.

That’s all I got for now.  Good luck out there!