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June 2007
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Into the Beastmaw

Ah.. Another weekend over.  Where does the time go? (Oh yeah, into WoW).

It was my weekend to go with the Kara group.  We did pretty well.  Friday night was  our first night and we got through Attumen pretty quick (I’m pretty sure first try) but Moroes gave us some trouble.  We kept having to reset him and try again.  Plenty of times one of the tanks would go down pretty fast or we lost too many healers or somesuch.  Like usual, we got the two “hard” adds, but we finally did take him down.  Moving on to the maiden, things went MUCH better this time than in the past.  We gave it a go a few times and I’m not sure what number we were on when she went down, but it wasn’t very many.  I had decided not to bring out my pet to keep the additional damage to the melee down, but when I finally decided to pull him out, we took her down!  Maybe he was the deciding factor (I think not… But it would be interesting).. Moving on to the Opera.. We initially though it was going to be Oz, but it turned out to be Big Bad Wolf.  And… let us just say we were tired at that point and leave it at that.. 🙂  After many attempts, we decided to call it a night and try again the next night.

Saturday! A Night at the Opera…  Big Bad Wolf came a callin and we wiped  the floor with him!  Actually we hit a bit of a bug the first time or we would have gotten him down..  At one point, when I think he was down to about 30% he hit his FEAR and then made me Little Red.  I hit my feign (which was working perfectly throughout the fights with him) and he went back to attack the Tanks.. unfortunately he had feared them through the wall and he ended up out of the room and reset it..  We buffed back up and tried again and took him down!  Easy as pie..  We are getting much better at our kiting too.  And what should drop from our wonderful wolf????   I think you can guess from the post title.. Yep, the Beastmaw Pauldrons which seem to use the same graphic (while they are on you) as the Beast Lord shoulder piece.. I’m very happy with them and went directly to shat to get the +ap enchant on them (can’t wait for Aldor Exalted so I can put the +ap/+crit one on)…  Unfortunately, putting them on dropped my +hit.. I need to figure out what to do to get that back up to 5%..

The Curator.. Well, it did not go down this weekend.  That is one tough cookie.. The adds are what gets us.  The main problem I had was keeping them in range.  If anyone has any suggestions or party makeup that worked for them, I’d love to hear it.  We could use a little help.  Maybe we just need to get more geared up.  I’m getting there, but I guess we all have to work on ripping through those Heroics and maybe purchasing some stuff with the badges.

Sunday night was a short night.  We got a group together for a quick Steamvaults run for rep.  It was Druid (MT), Piladden (Priest, Holy Dmg), Kezz (Mage), Paladin (MH), and Me.  We quickly left a smoldering path of destruction behind us and were out of there in a jiffy.  Of course, since the beastmaw dropped, what do you think dropped from the final boss in SV?  What have I been going back there to try to get many many times?  Of course, the Beast Lord shoulders!!!! ARG!.  Well, I rolled on them anyway since they are my set pieces and maybe I’ll see if there is a arcane resist I can get on them.. Ah well.. 🙂  I’m still happy they dropped, it is just pretty funny timing!

That’s about it so far.  I’m not sure what the plan for  tonight. I’d like to maybe run SH (regular) or a Heroic Mech.  I have a quest to finish in SH and the end boss drops my gloves 🙂  HH rep also has a REALLY nice gun that would be awesome to have, but it is Exalted rep.. So a few more SH runs or Heroic Furnace or somesuch.. Ah well.. Leave some comments.. Let me know you are there.  Let me know if you like this format or want me to just shut up :).

Peace all.