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June 2007
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Broked XP

Ah.. Last night was a night full of drama… Unfortunately, none of it was WoW related (kinda).  My main game machine has been giving me issues for a little while now (unexplained reboots, lockups, etc).  Well, last night it decided that it didn’t like me no more and XP refused to boot sometimes, locked up when it DID boot and just act completely ornery.  I tried all the methods for getting it stable (removing drivers, removing software, etc.. ).  Booted to safe mode a dozen times.  Blah!

So, luckily (I guess) I had an install of Vista I could boot to on that system.  And you don’t have to reinstall WoW to run it, I just ran the software from the drive it was on.  Got ventrillo setup (Took some effort since the microphone jack on my internal sound card wasn’t working and that is the sound card I use for vent, other sounds come out the X-Fi), updated the video driver and sound drivers and everything was good.  Game ran like a champ and I guess without all the other crap running in the background that I usually have on XP, ran even better than normal.

So, what did I actually do once I got on?  Well, I ran the daily quest for Skyguard rep and then was invited to join a group for SL.  One of the group had up and left with no warning, so I was invited.. Group was:

Syne (Warrior, MT)
Piladden (Priest, MH)

We had 1, count them…. 1 wipe!  And that was on the second boss.  Otherwise we all stayed up and active through the entire 1 hour and 45 minute run (I think).  I didn’t pick up anything all that interesting, but some loot dropped from Murmur for our warlock.

Tonight is Karazhan night.  It is my weekend :).  I’m pretty excited. I hope we get to the curator and I’m predicting he goes down this weekend.. Hopefully 🙂

Well, that’s it so far.  I’ll try to get some screenies from Kara tonight to post.  Good luck.