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June 2007
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Epic Bird Brain

Karine, our most wonderful Druidic friend, wanted to get her Epic Flight Form! (And who wouldn’t)

To do so, you need to kill this special boss in Heroic Sethekk Halls, Anzu. One of the group, however, did not have their Heroic key so we went back into SL to run the first boss 2 times to get his rep up.  After completing that, we were just going to “stick our heads in” and see what we thought of the Heroic instance.

After wiping pretty quickly on the first 2 mobs, we got in a pretty good groove and were moving along at a pretty nice clip.  Did we wipe other times, sure, plenty, but not as much as we had expected.  The group consisted of:

Bligh (Warrior, MT)
Karine (Druid, MH?)
Paladin (MH?)
Me (and Blitz my Wind Serpent)

With only 2 DPS you would think it would take a while to get the mobs down, but we did pretty good if I do say so myself (and I just did, didn’t I)… 🙂

First boss was tough, but not impossible.  We got him down to about 4k health before wiping the first time.  Second wipe was just some miscommunication issues.  Got him down on the third try. Wiped a bit on the trash after the boss, but nothing too terrible.  Made our way to Anzu and took him down in 1 try!  Woot.  It was pretty impressive actually.  The trick is with the “bird statues” and keeping them going with HoTs.  Karine did a wonderful job at this and, as a reward, she received her Epic Flight Form.  She already had purchased the Riding skill of course and she was very excited.  We moved onto the final boss (even though it was 2am here) and pretty muched wiped out.  They added a SLOW to his attacks in 2.1 (for heroic) and it, and the increased damage of all his spells from Heroic mode just made it too difficult for us to get it done.  I think we were all pretty tired at that point and that doesn’t help usually.

All in all, it was a really fun night (although I’m really tired right now too).  We did much better in the heroic instance than we all thought we would and that is very gratifying.  Not sure yet what the plan is for tonight.  I really do want to work on my alts, but I have so much fun running the instances that it is tough to take a night off.  Another alternative is trying to get a group to help with the 5 man quests leading up to the Ogr’ila stuff.

Well, that’s it for this addition of, “I want to know what you did last night”…  Oh… Happy summer by the way.!

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