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June 2007
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Tomb Raider – WoW Edition

Rep farming in Shadow Labyrinth.  That’s the majority of what we did last night.  In fact, we did it in probably the easiest way possible, we killed Ambassador Hellmaw a few times.  We just ran in, killed the trash up to him, killed him then ran out and reset.  I think we did it three times to get Karine (our Druid) to Revered.

Then, we did something I had never done before (much to my surprise)!  We ran mana-tombs… not heroic.. Just plain Mana-Tombs.. Wow.. I can’t believe that I was never in there!  I guess I somehow missed it in all the chaos.. 🙂

So, as a few of us hadn’t done it (most of the others were running alts), we picked up the quests and ran in.  It took us a little less than an hour to complete it with all the bosses downed and all the quests done.  Nobody died (not surprising) except for one time when one of our Rogues got feared through the wall.. He “fell” to his death and had to run in. We had a Warrior, Druid (MH), 2 Rogues (1 was lvl 69) and Me.

That’s it.  I was thinking about some heroics last night, but it got a little late to start anything like that. I really need to run some CoT instances to get up to revered… I also need to farm for my leatherworking and level up my alts!!! Ah!! No time, no time.. The scary thing is that many many OTHER GAMES (blasphemy) are coming out soon.. And I want to play them too… Someone needs to make days last a little (or a lot) longer… please!

Ah well.  That is for the future, tonight is next.  We’ll just have to see what happens.. ‘Til then… See ya

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