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June 2007
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Into that Good Night

Ah.. The doldrums time.  My posts become more and more inane, repetitive and increasingly self-serving.  “Huh?”, you say…  Yah.. I was gone for the weekend, so no posts.  I played a bit last night, but we got back late so I was doin a little soloing.  I finished up a few quests, worked on my Druid Alt (Fyra) a little (She is getting closer to 30! woot!) and that’s about it.  I probably should have taken some time to farm, but there were many people around and I was tired.

I really do want to work on getting my Alts up to the magical mark of 70.. Some day that might happen.  Given that I still don’t have an alt over lvl 29, that might take a while.  I have a Druid and Priest that are pushing 30 (Druid is ahead of priest about 3 lvls or so) and a Rogue above 20 and some other miscellaneous toons.  I love the different alts and how they play, I just wish I could do some of the more exciting things with them.  Stuff I haven’t done too many times to count.  Stuff that is fun and new.  Ah well.. Wishful thinking on my part.  Some day I will get tired of the lvl 70 stuff and work a little more religiously on  leveling again.

No clue what tonight will bring.  I’m pretty tired, so I don’t know that I want to do something that will take a long time.  Well… catch ya’ later.