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June 2007
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Last night’s festivities consisted of a double dose of Rep induced Steamvaulting. We’re looking towards Exalted in Cenarion Expedition, so SV is the place to be (or heroics I guess).

But first.. A word from our sponsor. 

Buy From Pathaleon the Calculator!  Droppers of MY new best bud, the Telescopic Sharprifle!  Pair this puppy up with some Felbane Slugs from honor hold (or Hellfire Shot for Horde) and go to town! With it’s +12 agility, this puppy really gets my blood moving.

Yah.. So I switched to  guns.  I only had around 307 Gun skill when I did that.. I’m at 349 now 🙂  I like the gun.  It is much slower than my bow was, but, so far I am liking the additional Agi from this over my bow that had +int.  The bow had +crit too, but the agi makes up for it a little.  I’ve been enjoying it and the best part is not having to go buy the Cenarion Exepedition rep Arrows since there is no FP there.  I can just fly to HH and pick up my bullets.  There are also better bullets to be had from Engineering, so I might hit my buddy up for some of them for raiding.

I added a +12 scope to the gun, but only just before logging for the night, so I don’t know what kind of adjustment that will be.

The SV runs went as expected.  We generally didn’t have any issues with the bosses (Died a couple of times on the first boss on the second go around [once because I DCed]).  The final boss was also not much of a problem and we only wiped one time (on the second run).  We had some initial issues with accidental pulls, but we straightened those out and came out on top. No spectacular drops, but we did get over 2500 rep for the 2 runs I think.

That’s all for now.  A little tired.. Need a nap 🙂

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