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June 2007
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Rip, Rap, Rep

Eh.. I’m getting lazy with the titles.. 🙂 Maybe I should just use the date of the info in the post.. That would be kinda boring though. We’ll have to see. I want to keep posting, but I don’t want to get boring. The most popular posts on the site are the Gronnstalker post and the Hunter Macros post. Let me know in the comments what you like to see.. (Like that has worked before.. bleh).

So, last nights adventures included 2.. Count them… 2 Instance Runs.

As soon as I logged in, we made our way to Shattered Halls… Group Makeup:

Bligh (Warrior, MT)
Kezz (Mage)
Me (Hunter)
Priest (MH)
Rogue (Walking, Talking Key)

Things went as usual and there were very few issues. I think there was only 1 wipe for the whole run and that was the large group in the hall just afer the gauntlet part. Other than that, it was smooth. The priest shoes dropped off of O’Mrogg again! At least the priest with us needed them. Of course the Beast Lord handguards didn’t drop from the final boss. Priest and Shaman gloves! Again….

Ah well, the gloves I have now are Epic, so I am not sure I would put the Beast Lord on anyway unless I had one more set piece to get the (4) piece bonus.

We DID get a random EPIC drop from one of the mobs (I don’t remember what it was right now.. I’ll try to look it up) and the Rogue won the “greed” roll. It was a pretty nice item.

After we finished the run, the Priest and Rogue had to get going so we changed ourselves around again:

Druid (Feral, MT)
Kezz (Mage)
Me (Hunter.. of course)
Piladden (Priest, OH)
Paladin (MH)

Yep, paladin main healing.. The Priest did DPS most of the time. 🙂

Where did we go, you ask? Well… Mechanar of course!! Ha! We were going to head in and run it Heroic, but one of us didn’t have the key (although we though he did initially) so we ran normal instead. I needed to get the charged manacell or something for a quest that I finally remembered to do. The instance went pretty well. We didn’t wipe at all and only had a couple of deaths. The drops were unspectacular and the run was fun. We skipped the 2nd boss so we would have room to reset her if things went bad, but it turned out to be pretty easy. I think we have found that having a paladin in the group helps for both 2nd and final bosses in here.

Tonight I think we are heaing into SteamVaults for CE rep for some of us. I’ll let you know how that goes. Does anyone know if the patch on the PTR is coming out tonight? I really want them to fix the Misdirect bug that causes the final hit to transfer all the aggro you misdirected back to you.. very sad…

Ah well.. Later all

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