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June 2007
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Return of the Labs

I’m back. again..  I’m back to trying to get a post out at least once a day.  I’m not so good with the news thing, so it will probably be an infrequent post that includes news (probably centered around Hunter stuff anyway).  So, as I have said before… What did we do last night?  Well, I’ll tell you (of course).

I logged in a little after 9pm Eastern US and asked the age old question… “What is going on tonight?”, to which I received a response… “I want to go to SL for rep”.. or something like that.  Gamely responding, “I’ll go”, being the instance freak I am, we proceeded to get the band back together and head in for some good times.

Group Layout:

Bligh (Warrion, MT)
Karine (Druid, MH)
Shadow Priest
Me (Hunter, Sleepy)

It was, I admit an odd group.  We did pretty well without a mage for sheep though. I think some of the fights might have been a little less chaotic with the easily resettable CC that a mage possesses, but we did alright.  The former “worst boss ever” that was Vorpil is now a cupcake due to our “uberness” 🙂 LOL.

We took down all bosses in one try and, although most of the loot was “roll for vendor” stuff now, the Rogue did get his leggings of assassination (I think that is what it was). I even had a quest to get a book off of Vorpil that I had forgotten I had. (That is always nice).  All in all, it was an enjoyable romp though SL.  Since some still needed a little rep after the run, we reset and went back in to just run through to the first boss.. Of course, the same garbage dropped this time as last and we were annoyed by that. Our tank really wants the Shield that he drops (or in most cases seemingly, doesn’t drop).

Tonight.. Maybe Mech? I have the other part of the quest I didn’t know I had to pick up a cube in there.  Also, one of our “posse” needs Sha’Tar rep and we are the masters of Mech (although we don’t like the changes to the 2nd boss encounter so you can’t kite her down to 3rd boss room.. BOOOO!).

Ah well. That’s it for now.  Laters

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