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June 2007
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Night Of A Thousand DCs

Thursday night was an interesting night.  The raid leaders worked together to figure out what we were going to be doing to try to get 2 Kara groups running each weekend.  In addition, we put together a “guild pug” to run Kara and take out at least the first boss, hopefully 2.  The group was very similar to the group that ran last weekend.  It was a good group…  We had a few issues though.  It seemed that Blizzard did not like one of our Priests.. Well, at least his client software didn’t like him.  He was getting pretty bad lag and then he DCed.  Upon trying to get back in, he was instructed to download some files and it seemed to come back up, but he was so laggy that it was impossible for him to play.  We subbed in a paladin and took down Attumen, but without the second priest, we really didn’t have a chance against Moroes (CC mainly), so we called it.

We then got a small group together for SH run.  We were doing pretty well until our MT disconnected!  Shades of Kara!!! LOL…  Well, he would DC everytime he logged in with that toon so he switched and we were going to change around the group, but then it started happening to the new one.  We decided to ditch the attempt and hang up the towel for the night.

 See, nothing particularly interesting. 

I’m out of town this weekend (In a hotel room as I type this actually) and so I will probably not be logging in much to play (of course, I may login to say hi to everyone) but I won’t risk even a small instance group to the vagaries of a hotel network connection married to my somewhat old laptop.

Ah well.. I’m sure I’ll survive.  Hope you all have a good weekend. I’d be surprised if I have time to post again until Monday. 


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