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May 2007
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And Then There Was 1

Hmm.. It must be Thursday.  Why?  Um.. because I looked at the calendar and that is what it said!  Are you hear to listen to my tale of adventure and daring deeds?  Well, you’ve come to the wrong place.  All I’ve got here is a quick recap of our most recent foray into… Shattered Halls!

We had a bit of a shakeup in our usual group (same RL people, different alts)… So, here we go:

Syne (Warrior, MT)
Kezz (Mage)
Druid (MH)
Turais (Rogue [Bligh,Pil,…])
Me (Hunter.. duh)

What changed?  Well, we brough Syne in as a Warrior (that is Malagent’s [from the night before] Warrior).  The druid is an alt (or main???) of the Rogue we “usually” bring to SH.  Turais is Pil/Bligh’s Rogue-type toon and, dispite his own misgivings as to his ability to contribute, brought in the highest Damage totals of all.

The Druid did a stupendous job keeping us all healthy and the larger groups of mobs we had to mow down gave us no troubles.  Somewhere halfway through the instance I achieved Revered with Honor Hold, so now I only have 1 more Heroic key left and that is the Caverns of Time one.  I’m pretty fortunate to  have such a good guild and group of friends.  Without that, I don’t think I would even still be playing WoW let alone be so active in the “end game”.  I enjoy this part of the game so much, I’ve been neglecting all my alts! My highest level alt is still only 29..

I’m hoping to fix that tomorrow, we’ll have to see.  Tonight?  I don’t know what the plan is tonight.. Maybe we will help someone with their CoT quests for the Kara attunement.  That would be nice since I need the Rep anyway.  There is also all those Rep quests for the new content.  Still haven’t gotten very far on those either.

That’s all I’ve got for today so far.  Peace

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