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May 2007
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Repping it Old School

Hey!  Welcome back!

Guess what.. We went back to our old stomping grounds last night (no, I don’t mean BRD or Scholo, etc).. Yep, Tempest Keep!  Bligh, Kezz (as Arienna [Hunter]), A Preist and I, helped out Malagent (Mage Diminutive) [He has many alts.. Vishna, Osric, Syne… umm.. others too) get his third key fragment from Arcatraz.  Pretty simple run after we figured out what to do with 2 Hunters at a time.  🙂

We picked up his frag and went back and killed the first boss for giggles.. After a wipe (I think just 1) we “wiped ” him out..  Our priest had to get moving, so we played a little switcheroo (Arienna switched to Karine [Druid Healing Type] and we picked up our bestest Rogue assist) and headed over to, you guessed it,  The Mechanar! Woot!  Back to basics baby!

Ummm.. They changed some stuff.. All the Tempest Keep instance mobs now can drop these special mana and healing potions (no link yet) that work only in Tempest Keep instances and raids.  They are pretty nice and seem to have a decent drop rate.  Hmm.. what else?  Oh yeah, the strategy of skipping the second boss, killing the third and then kiting the second back to the final boss room.. Well… That doesn’t work anymore. She resets when she steps on the glass bridge.. That realllly sux.  Ah well.  So, we had to relearn the old way of killing her in her own room and actually dealing with the adds..  Hmm, I guess it is kinda fair.  We were obviously using an “exploit” in the encounter to make it easier than intended. Still is annoying 🙂   Nothing else changed as far as I can tell.  Still pretty easy instance.

The final group that went into Mech was:

Bligh (MT, Creepia Primus)
Karine (MH, Herbius Smallifica)
Malagent (Mage, Magentica Aggrosious)
Rogue (Sneakus Backstabbius)
Me (Hunter, Feignius Deathius)

Anyway!!!  Guess what I got while we traipsed through the mechanarium.. 🙂  ???     EXALTED REP WITH SHA’TAR!! WOOOOOOT!!  (Yah, I’m yellin’.  What’cha gonna do about it? lol)  Very exciting, right?  NO.. The crap that is in the Quartermaster for Exalted rep is pretty spare for someone of my Class and Professions.. I can get the cool new drum recipe from them, but I am not high enough level LW to use it.. Boo…

Ah well. I also ran back to Karazhan to pick up my Revered “ring” from the guy outside since I forgot to do that the other night.  How did you guys like the movies I put up here on previous posts?  I know they are kinda low-res (google video Flash conversion…) but I figured they give you insight into what these things look like (especially if you don’t tend to do instance and raids).  Lemmie know in the comments if you love em or hate em.

Hey youze!  I want comments.. I know lots other blogs ask for Diggs (registered trademark?), etc..  I just want feedback.  I know I’m not writing this in a void because I get “hit” stats.  I’m just not sure that many ppl are reading my ramblings.  Any suggestions on types of things you want me to talk about?  I can try to answer hunter questions too :).   I am planning on posting some information on the macros I use and the key binding layout (I’m lefty, so it probably won’t work for most of u) at some point [I promised].  Even a comment, “Keep up the good work” or.. “Hmmm.. This site is really dumb” is okay, as long as you mean it 🙂

Ahhh. enough rant. Gotta head out.  Until next time….