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May 2007
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Who’s Afraid of Karazhan?

Another day, another raid. This group got together a lot quicker than the night before. The group tonight included, at first (hopefully, I get this right):

Warrior (MT)
Bligh (Warrior, OT)
Kezz (Mage, Buffer, Water/Food Provider) [lol]
Me (Hunter)
Holy Priest
Shadow Priest
2 Holy Paladins

We cleared out the Opera house and worked on mister Big Bad Wolf a few times.. One of these tries we even got him down to about 3% before wiping. (Ooooh, so close). We got much better at kiting him around the stage (although I still haven’t survived it yet.. Except when I was already “Feigning”).

When the “trash” respawned, one of our group (a Paladin) had to get going. Bligh switched over to Piladden (Priest) [THANK YOU BLIGH!!!] and we got a new Druidie Tank to take his place. Thus reconfigured we headed back in (I got Revered during the trash cleanout phase here) and after a few more attempts (I think it was 6 in all, not sure) we FINALLY mowed him down. Luckily, I didn’t get the Red Riding Hood debuff at all during the fight since I suck at kiting.

Big Bad Wolf - Down

We were so excited that even though it was pretty late, we decided to go take a sneak peek at the Curator. Unfortunately since the instance resets today, we’ll have to reclear everything next time, but I think we are getting much better. Knowing the pulls and the bosses helps immensely (of course, we might get a different opera event next time).

Since it was pretty late when we finally cleared up to be able to see The Curator, we called it a night after taking some quick pics.

Curator Sneak Peak

I just want to thank everyone for their hard work and congratulate everyone on a job well done (I’m sure the few that won some nice lootz are happy with that outcome also). I don’t think I’ll be able to go this coming weekend (although if we stretch it to Sunday or Monday night I might be able to [if there is a spot for me]).

Enjoy the pictures.. See u later.

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