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May 2007
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Pack Your Trunk

Peanut I spent a little time yesterday on the new Outland orphan quest (It was pretty fun actually) and picked up my cute little Peanut pet. (I like elephants)

We were supposed to kill the Maiden last night (see yesterday’s post), but we couldn’t get enough together to get started so we scrapped it for tonight. Hopefully everyone will be on and ready to go. Instead of that, we pulled together a little group for, what we can now officially call, a farming run in Shattered Halls. After having so many difficulties on the final boss there, we have now (after the 2! runs we made last night) 1 shotted (is that a word?) him 5 times.

The group we brought consisted of Bligh (Warrior, MT), Karine (Druid, MH), Rogue, Mage and Me. I have to relate a pretty funny occurence during our run. We were trying to clear out the area after the Gauntlet and a pull went a little chaotic and our Healer, Tank and Mage went down when we still had 2 mobs left. We (Rogue and I) killed one (since it only had a little health left) and then the rogue started kiting the mob toward the front (mainly just to get out…). He had, I think around 71 health left but he got ahead of him and stayed that way. I had feined death just before he started running and when I saw him go, I popped up and followed. The rest of the team was on their way back and I hit the Concussive shot a few times to slow him down on the way. They made it in before we got there and the tank took over aggro and we mowed him down.. It was pretty funny.

I’m gonna try something.. I posted a FRAPS video of us Killing the 2nd boss in SH last night. Lemmie know what you think (not very good quailty due to Google Video compression).

I think we are planning on running kara tonight.. We WILL down the Maiden. Thankfully we only have to clear the trash near her and then take a few stabs at her. I hope something nice drops, but I will be satisfied with just getting her down. I’ll let you know how everything goes tomorrow (possibly, or the day after if I am lazy).

Until next time…

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