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May 2007
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We Almost Maidened It

Wow.. What a difference a day can make. Last night’s Karazhan run was head and shoulders above out previous try.  We had no disconnects and everything seemed to just flow like it should.  Attumen went down pretty easily and I picked up the Worgen Claw Necklace. Woot! 

Then we made our way to Moroes.  No real problems here.  We had a few issues with some of the guys before him (for some reason our tank kept getting hammered).  Once again, though, we had 2 “warrior” types as part of his “adds”.  We wiped a couple of times, but finally everything went as planned and down he went.  I only think we lost 2 people on that try. 

We cleared out the trash on the way to the Maiden and, except for one time when we went a little out of order and pulled too many, everything went great.  Then… The Maiden!  Well, I think we did a great job for us.  We haven’t, as a guild, managed to get her down yet.  We noticed a definite change in her since the patch though.  We got her down pretty low one time (I was the last man standing… ).  I think, given that we can go right to her tonight, we shouldn’t have any issues.  I’m really looking forward to taker her down and moving on to see new stuff. 

After the respawns began, we called it a night.  I went over to my favorite Warp Stalker farming spot in Terokkar and got some meat for Warp Burgers.  I need to head over and get some ravager meat for the hotdogs :). 

Nothing else much happened.  I’m hoping for the best tonight.  Wish us luck. 🙂

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