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May 2007
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Video Streaming, PS3 Style

I downloaded the new PS3 Firmware 1.8 last night.  I really didn’t take the time to check out ALL the things that I am interested in seeing like:

  • Downscaling of BluRay to 720p  (finally)
  • Upscaling of DVDs
  • Upscaling/Smoothing of PS1/PS2 games (woot)
  • Internet Remote Play (although I think I have to wait for PSP update for that)

I did, however, get to try out the streaming… Well, I TRIED to try it out.  What did I do?  Lemmie tell you and you tell me what I was doing wrong.

 I have a decent amount of content on my system.  I’m sure I have content that the PS3 can play (I have MP3s at least).  I figured first I would try out Nero Home which should allow my system to share data to the PS3.  Well, I set it up and finally got it sharing (had to index the stuff with Nero Scout), but nothing would play.  It always came up with unsupported format…  It also seemed to be having issues connecting to the server to play the files. (I checked firewall settings, it looks good).  I then switched to trying out WMP 11.  That was a complete disaster because it wouldn’t even show me the files I had shared at all.  So, it was a complete bust last night.  I quit screwing with it because it was WoW time, but I was thinking of trying twonkymedia possibly.  If I can’t get it working on my Windows system, maybe I’ll try a linux solution to the problem as long as it doesn’t require a good system (I have an old system running linux in the closet).

Anyone have any experiences they can share about this?  I could use some help here.  I some of these issues with the 360 also and I got it working (don’t ask me how, I don’t know).  I tried turning off all my firewalls on the computer to see if that helped, but it didn’t seem to.

Ah well.. It was a good thought.  Laters

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