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May 2007
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Pain in the Attumen

You read rightly.. Last night was a “special edition” Karazhan guild run.  Wind let out a roar, “Who wants to do Kara?”.  And there was a barely audible squeak… “Me!”.   He put together a 10 man.   2 Priest, 2 Warriors, 1 Paladin, 2 Warlocks, 1 Mage, 1 Druid and Me (Hunter Type).  And so the pain began.

For some reason, we were just off.  I am not really sure what was wrong, but we just couldn’t complete the deal.  We had some issues with bad pulls I think and unfortuntely some where having issues with their computer (completely understand that one, has happened to me before also).

At some point we swapped out a Warrior for another Pally and one of the Warlocks for a Rogue.  The Druid began tanking (He’s specced for that anyway) and we tried again.  It didn’t get much better.  Hopefully, if we try again tonight (not sure everyone will want to go so soon after the last debacle) we will be able to do it.  We had seemed to be getting to the point when Attumen was a no-brainer.  Hopefully we get back to that.

After we finally called it a night (no Boss downings), I decided it was time for bed and that’s all she wrote.

Not sure at this point what the plan is for tonight.  I assume we’ll go back to Kara, but I don’t know.  I still haven’t really explored the new content that much and maybe that is a good thing. I’m sure the new areas are pretty crowded and I’d rather wait for it to calm down.  Has anyone does anything with the new Ethereal content?  Lemmie know.

Time to go.  Later all.

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