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May 2007
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Thursday Tidbits – Version 2.1

And then he said… Let there be bits.. And there were bits.  And they were tid.  They were TidBits!

Hey there loyal reader (once again I am speaking to all 2 of you, although I think I picked up one more [you know who you are!]) .  I have come up with this idea that probably won’t happen each week (I’m just that way).  I’m going to put some links in this post to various information I have found in my quest for more WoW Web Lootz.

Here is a great article on WoW Insider by “BigRedKitty”.  It details information that everyone should know about Hunters.  Since I am a hunter, I want you to go and read it right now.. I’ll wait.  Go ahead. (Why are you still here?)

Welcome back.  MMO-Champion has more information on some Wootage discovered in 2.1 (Just some new lootz and hotfixes).

Ten Ton Hammer has information on Children’s Week which started this week.  Go get you little orphan from Shattrath and tote him/her/it around the world in 80 days and you get a brand new Non-Combat pet  (I like the elephant-like one myself) .  Also at TTH, they have a Guide to Magtheredon’s Lair. It looks pretty decent, but we haven’t even begun to think about going there 🙂

Hmm.. that’s all the Tid type Bits I’ve got so far.. I might add to the post as the day progresses if I see anything unusual.  Let me know what you think about this type of thing. Do you think it is useful or are you guys savvy enough to find all this crap on your own?

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