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May 2007
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Rep Gone Wild

So, there is all this new content in 2.1…  “We’ve heard enough about 2.1, Fim!  We want to hear about last night’s adventures”, I hear you say.  Yes, yes, dear readers.  I am getting to that part.

So, there is all this new content in 2.1.. I haven’t really explored it yet (shocker, eh?).  I have taken a look at a few of the quest lines started in Shat.  I picked up the orphan stuff (since that is a time limited event) and one to talk to an Orge in Blades Edge.  I think I also got the quest that starts the new Skyguard rep grind.  I did NOT go get the Netherwing stuff yet.  I hear the quest to get the mount can take a month because of the “daily” quests.  I don’t have enough gold to get the riding skill anyway, so I’ll just wait for now.

I was going to re-spec my pet with the new skills, but I was too busy reconfiguring my addons after logging in today.  On an upnote, the “stuttering” of the video is completely gone. I wonder if it was a Blizzard issue or an addon issue.  The world may never know!  I’m really interested in the new avoidance skill since I use my pet in all instances and raids :).  I LOVE (absolutely adore..) the new Pet mend change.  I set it up so I can easily hit the button to cast it and I have found that my pet tends to stay alive a little more than in the past (depending on who our healer is, of course).

Ok.. On to what you are really here for.  Last night – May 23.  Logged in, as I said before, and had some tweaking of the UI to do.  Unfortunately, what that did for Kezz, Pil and me is put us in the unfortunate position of not being able to easily find a 4 & 5 for our band of misfits.  We finally picked up a Priest (MH) that used to be in the guild and another mage..  So, our party was   Bligh (Warrior, MT), Kezz (Mage#1), Mage#2, Priest (MH), Me (Raise the Roof) .

Where did we go?  Was it… Mech?  No… Was it… Shattered Halls? No….  It was (drum roll).. Shadow Labyrinth!  We still have some folks (I’m not naming names [Bligh and Kezz]) that still need lower city rep for their Heroic key.  Thankfully this instance is now a piece of cake!  We did pretty well being geared up and all recently, but they removed some of the pulls from the room before the 2nd boss and the whole place went down smooth.  Murmur was our only issue and I think that was just because I ended up going down because of his curse thing.. I didn’t have enough health to survive the shock.  Before killing Murmur we got a guildie in to get his keyfrag and all was good.

Kinda quiet night.  I ended up checking out somewhat early (for me anyway) but I had a good time (as usual).

Looks like we might be splitting the Kara run into two groups.  Still not sure the ultimate result of all of that.  There was talk about heading there on Thursday nights too (tonight).  I’ll be on, but I don’t know if we are going.  I’d really love to get kara to the “farming” status that I hear spoken about in dark corners.

I’m outta time, outta mind, outta body and outta here.. Laters

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