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May 2007
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The Shattering of the Halls

Ah yes.. As my good friend Piladden (Bligh, Turais, Traebear, Lager) has said… Payback is sweeeeeet (well, i don’t think he put that many e’s into it).

In our last pre-2.1 instance run we went to… Mech! Huh? No? We didn’t? Oh yeah… We went to….. Shattered Halls.. Again.. As you might have read (although probably not), we went into Shattered Halls on Sunday night and were rebuffed (not buffed again, but kiiiilllled) by the last boss in there (see Karagruul’s Shadowmech Halls). This time we mixed it up a bit. We still took Piladden (Priest, MH), Kezz (Mage Extraordinaire), Me (Hunter Mediocre), Druid (MT) and Rogue (Main Sap [jk]). The instance went down like butter. A finely oiled machine, we were (although the priest kept taking dirt naps). We brought down the first 2 bosses in 1 try! And then.. The moment we had allll been waiting for. Bladefist! The last boss in these Mightily Broken Passageways (Shattered Halls.. eh?). We setup with the Rogue tasked with the adds backed up by Kezz (Destroyer of Baddies). The druid bear tanked with additional help by a couple of Misdirection shots by your’s truly. My pet got in on the Melee action (thanks Pil for keeping him alive!). Piladden, of course, was making sure none of us took a face plant. And me? I was a madman on the bow (Fiddle player of course..). The fight went, from all accounts, perfectly. We wiped the floor with this dude. Our strategy and performance were impeccable (well, my teammates was.. I didn’t really have to do anything but keep attacking the boss.. big whoop). Down he went and we were victorious.

Amazingly, I still had a quest for Ramparts…. Not heroic.. Just normal. So, I conviced everyone to help be run through and get it. We swapped out our Healer and Rogue for another Druid (Healer this time) and Turais (Pil’s rogue). Turais needed to finish that quest too! We ran though the instance in 25 minutes (possibly less, I don’t have exact start/stop times). It was a hoot. Of course, now we have to go do Furnace because there is a followup quest for that one.

I now have (after turning in some quests), about 50% rep toward revered with HH. A few more SH runs and I should be good to go on my Heroic key there. I still need to do a couple more BM runs to get the keepers of time heroic key.

After the two runs, I was going to head to sleep, but I heard the call of Group Quests from the guild.. Of course, it was a quest I needed to do so I hotfooted (hotbirded?) it out to SMV to help and be helped. Finished up the quest and got a little help with another quest and finally I snuck away to lay my head to rest. (An hour after I was originally going to). I think I ended the night up around 80G from what I started with. Quest rewards and selling of drops, etc.

It was a great night.. There was much rejoicing! (yay…) Now.. Patch 2.1 is out! The realms should be coming up soon (I don’t remember when that is supposed to happen). I’m really looking forward to the changes and hope that it meets expectations. I didn’t get a chance to play much on the test server (or you probably would have read about it here) so most of the content will be fresh and new (which is good because I get bored easily).

I’m sorry about not having screenshots and such here.. I’m usually posting during a break at work and tend to not have easy (quick) access to my screenshots.. Of course, I usually don’t take them anyway (arg!). My mind isn’t what it used to be (oh wait, it is.. I’ve always been this forgetful).

I’m done.. Kaput.. Have a day and I’ll see u in the game.

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