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May 2007
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Karagruul’s Shadowmech Halls

What a long strange weekend it has been.  Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend, but buzy doesn’t even scratch the surface of how this weekend went.

As pertains to WoW though, things were pretty much the same.  Lets run down the activities:

Friday – Karazhan / Shadow Labyrinth
Saturday – Gruul’s Lair / Heroic Mechanar
Sunday – Shattered Halls

Ok. Let’s go day by day, shall we?

Friday I got on around 9p Eastern and we finally started the Kara run a while afterwards (My memory is fuzzy sometimes, not sure about timing).  We had some issues with the Tank and Rogue being late so we subbed the priest over to his Warrior and got an additional pally in for healing. We took down Attumen in 1 try (woot, go us)  and the the other two we were waiting on showed up.  We subbed back around, got the group all setup like originally planned and went to try our hand at Moroes.  Now, last week we took him down in 1 try (just barely).  This week, things went a little differently.  No matter what we did, we couldn’t take him down.  We finally called it and Bligh, Kezz, me and 2 others (don’t ask me who, my brain isn’t working I said…) ran over to SL to bang on the first boss.

Saturday was interesting.  We (Mythos) decided that we should try our hand at Gruul’s Lair (if for nothing else but a change of pace).  The nice thing about Gruul’s lair is that there is very little “trash”.  There is a single pull at the entrance and then 2 guys just after.  After that is the first boss, High King Whats-his-futz (I’m lazy).  He has 4 guys around him (somewhat like Moroes I guess) that have Special things you need to do to bring them down.  I think longest time someone survived while still in combat was 1 minute 55 sec.  We’re pretty sure we need to get geared up a little more.  So, after finally calling it kaput, our band of merry men (and a woman) went to take on a little Heroic Mechanar.

It was Kezz (Mage), Piladden (Priest, MH), Warrior (MT), Me (Main Hunter.. lol), and a Paladin (OT, OH). We did pretty well for the first time in there in Heroic.  I’m not sure I believe that the trash has been significantly buffed other than the big robot dudes.  We did very well and took down the mini-bosses (they give 250 rep in heroic!!) and the first Boss.  The first Boss fight has an interesting twist in Heroic.  He no longer has red and green shields.  He down does a “polarity shift” that gives you a + or – “buff”.  If you stand near ppl with the same buff (either + or -) then you get a 100% damage increase.  If you stand next to someone with opposite symbol, you lose health in a steady stream.  We wiped on the first try because we didn’t really understand the mechanic. Second try was pretty cool.  Also note that after 3 minutes, the boss pretty much wipes everyone if you haven’t killed him yet… 

The rest of the trash went down fine.  We wiped a few times here and there and you could tell it was a heroic instance finally.  We were all getting pretty tired too (it was VERY LATE, at least for me).  The final boss (remember, we skip the 2nd until after the final) was too much for us.  His adds were eating us alive with their arcane damage, etc.   The issues, I think, revolve around the fact that the boss himself was buffed and took a decent amount longer to get down, thus giving the adds time to mow us over.  We finally called it a night without getting him down.  We received 3 Badges of Justice (I think that is what they are called ) for the 3 “bosses” we killed  (the mini-bosses count).  Not bad considering. 

Sunday was not as complex (in WoW time anyway) as the other nights.  I got on late because I was at a wedding, but we put together a group to go try Shattered Halls.  I still need MUCHO rep for HH to get my heroic key (the last besides CoT).   We had a group of Piladden (Priest, MH), Kezz (Mage), Warrior (MT, same as Heroic mech), Priest (Shadow, OH) and Me (late for supper).  None of us had been here that much so it took some time to remember the progression and pulls, but I think we are getting a little better.  The first 2 bosses went down smooth (I think we got them both in 1 try), but we had (as I think everyone does) issues with the final boss.  He is a real pain.  In addition, it was getting late and everyone was tired.  My computer locked up one time right before we started and everyone went to fight…. But Me… 😉  When I finally got back on, I was dead.. That was fun.  We called it after a few attempts.  I’m sure we can get it done, we just need to handle the adds better.

I think I need to look into moving the box I use Vent on to a different one so that if my computer locks or I D/C, I can still talk and let them know what is going on.  Main issue is going to be press-to-talk.. I may have to turn that off.  🙁

Well, that’s it for, I think, the longest post I’ve made so far.  Let me know your personal experiences from these places and strategies for the final boss on Shattered Halls and the last 2 bosses in Heroic Mech.  I’m not sure what the plan is for tonight, but I think I am going to try to logout a little earlier than usual (for me) and get some sleep..

Until next I wake…. Laters!