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May 2007
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Don’t Run with Loud Pointy Objects

Welcome faithful readers!  It is time again to sit and chat.  How have you been?  What’s new?  Did Jimmy get the bicycle he wanted for his birthday?  No?  Oh, that’s too bad.

Ah!  No time for chatting!  We’ve got a blog post to write. 

Last night was a pretty good night.  Started out on a down note where it looked like it would be a quiet night for yours truely.  But, it pulled up at the last second and we went on to destroy the Death Star..  Oh wait.. That was a different movie..  Um.  We went on to destroy Murmur.. Yah that’s right, we went to Shadow Labyrinth (Woot, not Mech!). 

Kezz and Bligh ended up having to help someone run through Botanica and they already had a full party.. So I went and sulked in a corner for a while.  No.. That’s not what I did!  I joined a group heading into the mysterious and dangerous Shadow Labyrinth (or at least it used to be m&d).  We had a very good group skimmed from the cream of the Mythos crop (Oh, I’m so full of it today!).  Warrior (who needed the key frag… and got MOST of the drops, lol), Mage, Priest, Hunter (me) and one other unforgettable person..  um… um… Oh yeah, our Rogue 🙂 lol .  We were a DPS machine! 

We had a few hiccups with computers rebooting in the beginning, but we got those wrinkles taken care of.  We took down all the bosses in one try and I think we only “wiped” (kinda) when I accidentally pulled ALL the mobs in Murmur’s room (ooh that was soooo much fun). I finally got Revered with Lower City rep. Very happy about that I can tell you. Like I said before, it was the Warriors night on loot drops.  He geared up quite a bit (Shield from first boss, mace from third boss, etc, etc, etc…).   BUT!   LO AND BEHOLD!!! (I think I’ve used that prase before in this blog! lol)  What should drop to the very feet (ok, he doesn’t have feet) of the dreaded … thing…. Murmur?   Ta Da!!!   SONIC SPEAR!  Oh yes.. I did a happy dance!  Also the Whispering Blade of Slaying dropped for our Rogue.  Everyone seemed pretty pleased by the relative ease with which we dispatched the denziens of this terrible and awesome place.  I think it took us about 2 hours total (someone in the group correct me if I’m wrong. My memory, you see, it ain’t so good).

I’m pretty happy about picking up both the spear and my Heroic key.  I now only need Honor Hold’s key and the Keepers of Time.   I’m also really close to getting Exalted with Sha’Tar (from all those Mech runs).  Actually, if I had gotten in on that Bot run, I might be there already.

Tonight’s theme is Karazhan (as usual).  I think we’re bringing out the A-Team! (lol)  Hopefully we can get the Maiden down and move on to the Curator.  That would be way cool.  I’m ready to rock that place!  Saturday is Gruul.. I mentioned that before.  I think it is a little soon, but I am interested in taking a gander at the bad boy.

That’s it for the adventures of yesternight.  Stay tuned for more oddball writing that noone in their right mind would waste time reading! Hope you are having a stellar day and I’ll speak u later.

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