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May 2007
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Just Meching Around

Ok.. I missed a night.. 🙂 

But guess what we did?  Yep.  Mech! We had some more guildies getting close to Revered with Sha’Tar, so back we went…  Nothing special, our normal run.  Getting kinda boring (sigh). I’m still miffed about no 2.1 on Tuesday, don’t mind me.  It is nice introducing others to the wonders of Mech-ness. And then.. I bet you cannot guess where we went on Wednesday?  Yah.. MECH!!!!  Ok.. I’m not really as tired of it as it seems. I’m ready to try it in Heroic though.  I think that is the only way were are really gonna start being able to gear up even more to get ready for the rest of Kara and heading into Gruul’s Lair.

I’ve been hesitant to put the in-game names of the friends I tend to hang out with all the time now.  We seem to be doing instances every night and I’m loving it.  They have given their approval, so here they are!

Their mains are Bligh and Kezz (Warrior and Mage), although Kezz won’t admit which of hers is “MAIN”.  Additionaly, Pil has a few (LOL) alts: Piladden (Priest), Traebear (Paladin), Turais (Rogue) and Lager (Warlock).  Kezz has 2 others: Karine (Druid) and Arienna (Hunter). These are all level 70 (as far as I know).

We have a 3-man group now that seems to have a good dynamic.  I’m always the Hunter (since I have no high level alts), but they have so much flexability with all the LVL 70 alts that we seem to do well as the core of any group.

EDIT: I have to add here that one of the best things about Bligh (Pil, Trae, etc…), of course, is that he calls me “The King of Ice”.  I’m not sure I actually deserve the moniker, but it makes me laugh at least.  Yah.. Actually, the best thing about these guys (gal and guy I guess) is that they make me laugh and I have a great time whenever we are doing stuff together.  Since I’m paying money to play this freaking game, I try, as often as is possible, to enjoy myself.  (Imagine that!)  Thanks guys.

I also got my Rogue to level 22! (Woot!) and kinda figured out how to really play him finally.  It is pretty fun when it works right.

I’d like to try to get in some Lower City rep (Which means Shadow Labs) to get that key..  Maybe we can do that tomorrow… Friday and Saturday are already taken with raids.  Looks like I’m on the invite list for Friday’s stab at Kara and then our first foray into Gruul’s Lair where we will get thoroughly trounced. (High hopes, eh?). My gear has been a little stagnant lately.  Maybe we need to go back to Bot or Arc a little more (or Steamvaults, etc).  I’d love to be able to pick up more pieces of my Beast Lord set.

The whisper SPAM is getting pretty old pretty fast (okay, it’s already old).  I hear Blizzard is going to try to help us out with this in the 2.1 patch.. We’re still waiting for that one 🙂 .

I’m getting tired. I think it is time to take off.  Laters.

EDIT:  Modified to switch MAIN to BLIGH from PILADDEN  🙂   .. No Problem bud.