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May 2007
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Fat Lutes

Hey there loyal readers..  (All 3 of you..)

Since I already posted of our amazing adventures of yesternight, I thought I might regale you with tales of Web Surfing for Loot! 

I’ve found some pretty nice WoW sites in the course of my meanderings through the space most call the World Wide Web (Internet, duh).   I won’t list them here in detail, but all the links I am talking about are in the links section on the right side of the page (if I haven’t changed the theme and completely screwed this all up).  [In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a little bored right now].

One of the great sites for figuring out what gear would be best for your character given your build, etc. is Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists.  They have some great class gear lists and raid gear info.  They even have a beta of a Class Gear Planner that I have not checked out yet, but plan to do so very soon. I highly recommend going there and checking them out.

As a generic WoW info site, you will see me linking all sorts of news from my favorite WoW Insider.  I also use the 1-2 punch of WoW Wiki and WoW Head for my research into everything WoW. I used to search thottbot and other sites like that, but I have grown to appreciate the simplicity of WoW Head above all others.. The comments left there always seem to contain some nugget of useful information for anything from farming locations for certain primals to how to beat certain bosses in the instances.

For hunters, there are a few blogs I recommend such as Big Red Kitty.  They mainly expound upon the BM spec there, but I find their information quite good and definitely a must read for all hunters. (Even non-hunters to better understand one of the most popular classes in the game).

What sites do you guys use (yah.. I’m talking to you!)? Leave a comment and let everyone know.  I’m always looking for some new sites and if you have one of your own that I can check out, let me know!