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May 2007
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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s back to Mech we go.

Slow day Sunday.  Our “regular” group took an alt into Sethekk Halls last night.  Been a while since I’d been there.  It is amazing how understanding an instance can make a huge difference on the speed at which you can run through and the number of times players die.

Our priest still needs more Sha’Tar rep, so.. you guessed it, back to Mech we went.  A little different party makeup this time:

 Druid (Feral, MT)
Hunter (Me, as usual)
Priest (MH)

Not really having extra healing and extra tank (in the form of the usual Paladin) seemed to make a bit of a difference in our speed run 🙂 We still did a pretty good job.  About one more run and the priest should be ready for Heroic mode (Woot).  Nothing dropped for me (not surprising and no big deal) although I did win  chest loot (a gem and a green and some other stuff).

I’d almost prefer doing a Botanica run next maybe… I still need a drop from Warp Splinter for my Beast Lord (I think).  I also want, at some point, to do another Steamvaults (same reason, Beast Lord piece).  I have SOOOO far to go on Honor Hold rep.  I’m not sure when I’ll be ready for Heroics in there. 

I think this weekend the Guild is going to try a run at Gruul.  We fully expect to wipe many many times..  🙂  We still haven’t even gotten the Maiden down in Kara.  I applaud the change of scenery though.  I think the biggest thing is that we all need to start running Heroics and picking up some better gear still (for Kara especially).  Or maybe we need to think about using some more consumables. I’m not really sure what we are missing.  We seem to do pretty well on the first 2 bosses in Kara now, so that is nice.   Ah well.

So… Do you think we are going to see the Patch 2.1 tomorrow?  Leave some comments, let me know what you think!  I’m hoping, although others I believe are not.   Good luck whichever way you are leaning.

I’m finished for now. Catch ya later.

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