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May 2007
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Moroes By Any Other Name

Ah.. Friday!  It was Glorious! Ok.. maybe not.

I finally got back into the Karazhan run last night and it was pretty fun.  Compared to our first foray a while ago, this went much more smoothly.  We took down Attumen after a few tries and then went for Moroes.  I think we picked him off the first try (my brain is suffering from lack of sleep so anything is possible).  We killed him with most of our party lying dead.  I don’t remember who landed the final blow and then our Off tank got smacked by the last 2 adds. 

We had some issues with the Maiden of Virtue though.  We attempted to cut her down to size a few times until the hallway outside her room respawned.  Unfortunately (as you might have guessed) we were unsuccessful on this outing.  We did get her down to about 63% on the last try.  We called it around 1:20am Eastern time.

Insane as I am, I whispered my favorite multi-alt buddies with a quick… “Mech Run???” … “I’m in”, they replied quickly. (well, I’m paraphrasing here.. it went more like.. “Are you *$^#ing nuts?  Hmm… Ok, lets go”).

We picked up 4 of the usual suspects:  
Hunter (me)
Warrior (MT)
Druid (MH)
Paladin (OT,OH)

and 1 noob (to Mech that is) a Mage.  We have found that a  Mage is pretty important for CC in Mech and makes the instance a piece of cake.  We’ve introduced many a guildmate to Mech in the past few weeks.  I’m not sure how many times we must have run Mech now, but it has to be in the double digits by now.  Sooner or later (maybe it already happened) we are going to get a little bored.. 🙂  The main problem we are having is that we have gotten most of the phat lootz (imagine large stringed instruments) from this instance, at least in normal mode. 

I think tonight, since a few of us are not planning on being in the Kara run, we’re going to see how we now stack up to Shadow Labyrinth (since we are “geared up” a bit since last time we were there).  I really want to try to get that “very nice” spear that Murmur drops (good luck to me, lol).

Nuttin much else going on.  Hope everyone is having a good Mother’s Day weekend.

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