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May 2007
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Doublemech Gum

I feel like I’m having Deja Vu.. All over again.

Yah, we ran Mech again.  No, we didn’t do it without dying.  We had a bit of a change last night to the line up (not THAT big).  Hunter (me), Warrior (MT), Mage (different one),  Druid (MH, [Our previous Mage]), Paladin (OH, OT). The changes were in the Mage (He was new.. 🙂 ) and the Druid who was our Mage on previous runs.  The rest of the song remains the same.

This was mainly to get our Warrior and Paladin repped up for Heroics.  We ran through the instance pretty quick (I’d say 1 1/2 hours or so) and they still needed more rep to get there, so… being that it was only 11:30 here (Eastern US Time)… We went back again!!  WOOT!  I think we got through the second run in about an hour (Lenscraftered it?). 

Our tank read about an alternate strategy for the second boss… Skip her! Well, not really.  We skipped her at first and took out the last boss. Then we use my beloved pet as a punching bag to draw her into the last boss’ room.  Her adds are slow and take a while to get there.  She was down to about 25% by the time they made it there each time and it seemed much easier than running around like frightened schoolgirls when the fire elementals were coming after us. Supposedly this is a good strategy for Heroics since I assume the elementals do more damage than they do now.

Tonight is a Kara run.  I think I’m in on this one and should be able to go again finally. Oh, and I got my Netherwing rep to Neutral so I am all ready to start the 2.1 quests for the netherdrake mount.. Of course, I’ll need a little more gold for the riding skill too 🙂

Other things that are happening?  Hmm.. Well.. Not much 🙂  Mother’s Day is Sunday so… Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there.  I still haven’t gotten my Wife anything… Is that wrong? 😉

See u in the game.

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