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May 2007
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Flawless Victory

Whew!  I guess we know now that 2.1 didn’t show up on tuesday.  I’ve heard reports about it coming 2 weeks from now (not next tuesday, but the one after).  I still have my fingers crossed for next week, but I also want it to be “done” when they release it.

Mech… again?  Yep.  Last night was another Mechanar run.  We still have people in our standard group(s) that don’t have the Warpforged Key to run heroic.  I hear that Mech is a good place to get Badges in heroic mode since the “mini-bosses” drop them too.  Also, the instance is pretty small (all things considered).  We had a little change to our normal group last night.  We had Hunter (me), Warrior (MT), Mage, Paladin (OH,OT), Priest (MH).  We hadn’t done Mech with this priest before (I think..), but he is one of, if not the (*snicker*), best healers in the guild.  Guess what?  We one shotted the instance!   No wipes.. NOT EVEN 1 DEATH (other than my pet).  It was awesome!

We really had a good time and I think we are getting the hang of this thing 🙂 .   We’re gearing up and it’s just getting better.  We might go back tonight to get more rep for those non-keyed of us.  I still have a long way to go to get Revered with Honor Hold and am getting closer to Lower City.  I am not looking forward to running Shadow Labyrinth a few times more to get there.. Blech!

I also did a little farming for Marks of Sargeras and Fel Armaments to get my Rep with Aldor up to revered and… I did it!  I am now revered with Aldor, Sha’tar and Cenarion Expedition (in BC content that is).  I’d like to go back to Steamvaults and try to get another of my dungeon Armor set.  Not that it matters too much, I got the set bonus I was really looking for (the -4 sec cooldown on traps [i think]). 

In other news…. I downloaded the demo of Catan for the 360 and spent about 10 minutes on the tutorial.  Looks like it will be fun.. I’ll probably end up paying for it, although I’ll wait until I actually think I will have time to play it.

Thinking about all the great games that will be coming out soon boggles my mind.. I’m not sure I will have time to touch most of them, let alone get any time to play them.  I’ll probably have to curtail my WoW playing if I do.

I’m really interested in getting another character up to the Outlands, but I can’t see me putting the time into such an endeavour. I’m just too lazy and get bored too easily.  I also can’t spend all weekend playing like some since I have a wife and kids.

Anyway.  That’s all I have for today.  I’ll see ya later.

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