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May 2007
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Arc Tangent

Spent some quailty time on WoW last night.  Got started a little late, but I twisted everyone’s arm to get into an Arcatraz run.  Group:  Hunter (me), Druid (MT), Priest (MH), Mage, Rogue.  

We were all pretty tired, so I think we probably wiped more than we should have otherwise.  There were times that the Tank wasn’t taunting (lol) and such like that.  Otherwise the run went pretty well.  We skipped the first boss Zereketh the Unbound since we were in there to reach Harbinger Skyriss  (for a quest) .  I think we had more problems with the trash than with the bosses.  We took down Dalliah the Doomsayer  and Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates in one try (in that order.. tip so you don’t get knocked back into Dalliah) so we couldn’t have been that bad at what we do 🙂 .

 I used my pet though Eyes of the Beast Eyes of the Beast to scout out for the hidden mobs (and it worked pretty well) throughout.  We had some issues with the trash in the last room in the form of some big infernals and other big demons.  The infernals were casting a Meteor attack on us that would hit one person for massive damage.  It 1 shotted our priest (for > 11k damage) and did the same to me after we ran back from the wipe :).  Finally we got him down (although I was pretty much dead through the whole fight).

The end boss in Arc Harbinger Skyriss  is an interesting fight.  You actually fight a few high level relics from other instances before Skyriss is revealed.  You have to get these down quick or they will bring the next out before you finish.  You get help from an NPC along the way also.  We wiped the first time we fought Skyriss (but we DID get to Skyriss that first time) and figured out the whole DPS the “clone” quickly strategy and so rolled over him/her/it on the second try.  A couple of useful things dropped, but not useful for me.  Some plate items dropped but, as you can see from the group makeup above, we didn’t have anyone that could wear it.  So we vendored (no D/E either).

Not much else.  We had a good time even with all the wipes.  Now we just have to go back and do it in Heroic for “The Eye” key quests.

On a side note.. Check out Possible Oscar their music is pretty funny (and sounds good too! ).

Dat’s all I gots.  later.

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