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May 2007
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Cloak and Dagger Night at The Mech

Finally got some time to play last night. There was a call for ppl to go to SH or SV.  I said I would go to SH and was then whispered, “How about Mechanar?”.  Since I was REALLY close to getting Revered for Sha’tar, I replied “Sure”.  (Of course, I ALWAYS reply sure to instances)

We had a Warrior, Druid (Resto) and Me (Hunter, of course).  Looking for 2 more DPS, we picked up two of our favorite players (have been in Mech with me every other time I’ve been there).  One was in a Rogue alt and the other is our wonderful Mage. 🙂

We entered the vaulted halls of Mech for the nth time and began our run.  The Warrior was a Mech Noob 🙂 so we gave him some hints (our Rogue’s ALT is usually our tank).  Everything went pretty smoothly, as Mech usually does.  I got revered after killing the first “Mini-Boss”, very exciting!  Drops were interesting.  The first drop was a Tank Cloak (Most Armor I’ve ever seen on a cloak, I wish I had saved the name..), then…. In the chest before the elevator was ANOTHER Cloak! 

We were having issues with the Second Boss (the one that spawns the fire elementals.. wow, I just am too lazy to go look this crap up) so our Rogue left and came back with his Paladin.  We wiped…. the floor with the boss and moved on.. Of course.. what dropped from the Boss?  Rogue GEAR!!! Awwww…   Anyway, he kept the paladin.  (Hint on Mech, backup healing is a good idea). 

Previously on the third boss, we would try to fight him out in the hallway on the way to his room when he came after the 2nd wave of “trash”.  We usually wiped and then killed him on the second try back in his “room”.  This time we had a tip to try running TO him instead of waiting around for him to come to us.  This worked great.  The warrior “feared” the adds and then the Paladin pulled them to keep them away from us DPSers…  We smacked him down good.  First Try!!  Ok.. everyone.. lets look at the Phat Lootz… AH!!!  Rogue Dungeon set gear!!! Rogue/Pally was crying 🙂  (ok.. not really).   Also a decent mage blade, but our mage had a better one.  We rolled for vendoring and I picked up a 92 roll for the first (winning!) and a 100!!! roll for the second! I guess I really wanted them. 

We had a lot of fun and it is a really short instance.  I like those for “weeknights”.  I’m hoping maybe we’ll make another Heroic SP run or maybe some more Mech to get the other members of our group up to Heroic there.. I got my Warpforged Key now and I’m raring to go.  Or maybe tonight we’ll try out Arcatraz.  I don’t think I ever went farther than the keyfrag in there. 

I’d like to try to get more of my Beast Lord set if I can.  I need to find out where to get the other pieces. I know another one drops from Warp Splinter in Botanica, but that is a pretty long instance (even if you skip all the other bosses).

We’ll see where the winds blow… Ah!  I started another new toon 😉 lol.  A Draenei Shaman.  So far level 3 I think.. I really like the Draenei starting area, so we shall see if the Shammy gets farther than lvl 20!…

Good hunting.

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