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May 2007
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Gone in 69 seconds

Tempest Keep: The Botanica was the instance of the night last night.

We were shooting for the end boss (Warp Splinter), but we didn’t run straight there.  We waded through the first boss quickly and skipped the second after a few wipes.  Then ran straight to Warp Splinter and put him down, down… Was a great group (our usual suspects, Warrior Tank, Mage, Hunter [me], Druid Healer, Paladin [Healer/Tank/DPS : Specced Healer] ).  We are really getting the group dynamic down now.  The only boss we wiped on in here is the one we ended up skipping.  We killed all the other bosses (including Warp Splinter who is a bit of a pain) in one try. (1 shotted them I guess you say?)  Warp Splinter took a while, but.. the bigger they are… 🙂

Next we went back to Boss 4, Taj.  Not too bad. Mage and I took care of the occasional adds and, while it took a while, Taj went down like the rest.

Then, back to the 3rd boss we go..  Thorngrin the Tender, what a baby!  We spent more time talking about strategies for this boss (sacrificing! bah!) than actually “spanking” him.  Took us 69s to take him down!  He never sacrificed anyone and the job was over. Pet died (of course), but otherwise it was a piece of cake. I had an average of over 400 dps.

I’m now less than 600 rep away from Revered in Sha’tar.  Tonight is Kara though, so I probably won’t get it until Sunday night maybe. 🙂

Well… Nothing else much comes to mind right now, so I bid you all good day. (Laters)

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