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May 2007
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A Spec, A Mech and A Hat

Mechanar Squatting (actually from another run!)

Hey there.. Yep, you read right. I re-specced again.  This time for good (yah right).  I went back to MM primary with an 8/41/12 Build. I am enjoying it.  I am back to a high level of DPS and I have silencing shot back.  I still have the talent that increases the duration of my Freeze Trap, so I am happy.  And my pet is back to being able to tank alright when i solo (higher armor and health from BM talents).

 We went on a Mechanar run (since we couldn’t find a fifth to go and do Slave Pens heroic again) and once again had a great time.  I really like the dynamics of this instance and the fact that it is generally short.  We ran through with much less drama than the first time (although that was a goot also).  Second boss went down pretty easy, although she seemed to really like our Mage. 🙂

And… Lo and Behold! What should drop from the final boss in Mech??  My Beast Lord Helm! I was sooo excited. I now have 2 Beast Lord parts and get the bonus.  One thing I found out is that the Meta gems you get in Terrokkar are “unique”.  You cannot have more than one even if it is socketed and in your bank!  You also cannot destroy a meta gem that is socketed (as far as I know), you have to re-socket a new one (which I wasn’t about to buy).  So, i sold my old Helm of the Claw and got a new gem with my Spirit Shards.

I hope you are all liking having a little WoW news interspersed here on the site.  Let me know what you think in the comments.  There is also a contact me page now that will send me email with your feedback.

Tonight I think I’m helping a guildie with some quests in SMV (and he will help me with some too).  Well, good luck to everyone.

 By the way.. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my youngest son.. He is 3 today!!  (not that he reads this)

Later all

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