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May 2007
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Adventures in the Pens

Coilfang Entrance

Went to Slave Pens again last night. Actually, we first went to Underbog (Same group as night before). We had issues in Underbog though. I have a feeling we either were not the right group makeup or we just need better gear 🙂

The main issues we had were with the dual Bog Giants near the first boss. We just could not get them down with 1 tank, 2 healers, 2 dps. Ah well. Instead of wasting a ton of time on that, we ran back to Slave Pens.

We proceeded to make our way past the First Boss again with little fanfare (went REALLY well actually). It is amazing how much easier this stuff is when you are prepared. Then we got to the second boss. Our Mage became “Kite Woman” and got really good at kiting the last mob until she could kill it while the rest of us took dirt naps. On the second boss, all but the 2 DPS (Mage and Me) died and she Kited him down the hall while we both shot him up. He finally dropped and we celebrated. The drops last night weren’t all that great, but we all get the Badges so that was good. We didn’t make it to the final boss because we were having issues killing the 4 Crabbie dudes near the end and it was really late (for 2 of us at least). There were the normal issues with Vent crapping out on people and some lag issues, but we had a great time as usual.

I still have been feeling really bad about abandoning Frerevacca and the other Fimlys for so long. It isn’t all that surprising to me (given the number of Alts I have scattered around). I want to spend time on them , but my time is so limited. I have some good friends I have made in Mythos and really enjoy the time I spend adventuring with them. Ah well.

Not much else is going on around here. Hope you like the screen shot from then Entrance to the Pens. 🙂 I like the Skull.. Verry Scary!

I may do another post or somesuch later. I was thinking about starting to post relevant news stuff about WoW too and what is going on. I’ll take a look later and see if there is anything interesting. I will probably create a WoW-News category if I do.

Later all!

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