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May 2007
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I Can Be(at) your Hero(ic), Baby

Very exciting night last night.. My FIRST Heroic instance.  We decided to go for Slave Pens.  I only have the Coilfang key so we had to pick one of those and the group picked SP.. We did pretty well, once we got the hang of it. We started a little “wonky” and proceeded to wipe on the first group of “trash”.  Then we got into our groove and made quick work of them all.  Very few wipes (and one Network based DC [me]) away and we were killing the first boss.. (Menuu, I think).  He drops totems that need to be killed and in Heroic he seems to have UNLIMITED hit points.  It took a pretty long time to kill him (I should have timed it), but we did it in style and we each got our little token to prove it.  Of course, we need at least 14 more for the cheapest item at the vendor.

We ran up a little farther and then decided to call it a night.  All in all, I think it was very successful and we all had a great time. 

Party makeup:

Hunter (me) [W/ Pet]
Druid (Main Tank)
Priest (Main Healer)
Paladin (Secondary Healer/Off Tank)

ok.. So….

I have a question for all of you.. I was thinking about respeccing Marksman/Survival instead of Marksman only.  I seem to be using my traps a lot (at least in instances and raids) and think the added functionality I get from there might be worth it.  I would lost some DPS, I’m sure.  What do you guys think?  Do you have any good Specs?  I was looking at this one possibly (spec).  Please let me know what you think and maybe link in a survival / mm build that works for you. I don’t want to sacrifice too much DPS for the added CC abilities (since I haven’t felt TOO much pain without the Survival tree talents). I really appreciate your feedback.

On a sadder note….. Looks like Patch 2.1 isn’t going to be making it today. It gives me time, I guess, to get on there and test my respec. I wish they had a way to “pretend” to respec and see what the resulting changes to your stats are, etc.

Ok.. I hope to hear from y’all and I’ll talk u later.

EDIT:  Almost forgot to mention the quite annoying “Authenticating….” issue we had last night.  Seems that (probably) the authentication server(s) went down or were hung up or something and we were all stuck waiting to login for over 1 1/2 hours.  Considering it all though, I guess Blizzard is pretty good about getting these things fixed pretty fast.  Gave me a chance to watch a little TV and try the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo on my PS3.