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April 2007
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Inky Swamp

Jumped onto Fim again last night and proceeded to work on a couple of quests in Shadowmoon Valley.  I hadn’t done the Netherwing quests yet (I want to get to Neutral before 2.1 hits) so I went there to start the chain that leads to that.  I killed the orcs and started gathering the crystals.  As I was gathering, I got a “tell” asking me to help with Black Morass.  I was summoned and we headed in.  I guess they had been working on it for a while, but we tried one last time.  We were doing pretty well until our Priest “bit the bucket”. We tried getting everyone back up and in it and it looked like we were going to be able to make it, but the 2nd boss wiped the tank and we were toast.  Got some nice Rep for it though.. Running BM is nice because there are so many bosses 🙂  (at least for rep you don’t have to finish the thing). 

After we had to call it a night on BM (after the 2nd boss wipe), I went back to try to get my last 2 crystals but accidentally stepped off the world (go ahead, call me a Noob).  Since I couldn’t get back to get my body, I just rezzed at the graveyard and called it a night.

I headed back to Ridge Racer 7 for a bit and also watched TV.  Exciting evening I guess.

I think tonight is another Guild Kara run, hopefully I’ll be invited.  I will not be around Saturday or Sunday so I’d like to go tonight.  Generally it seems like a lot of work for not all that much gain, but we’ll see how it goes.  As we all get geared up better and learn the encounters, it might go smoother.  I’m really looking forward to 2.1 to jumpstart my playing again.  I played a little of my Gnomie Lock and have been having fun there.  The noobie quests are so inane.  I need to get her some good gear too (LOL). I definately like the “pet” classes the best (especially for solo work).  They should have a pet that heals you, that would be really cool (since they have TANK pets, right?)

Ah well, another day.. See ya’ll later.

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