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April 2007
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Drifting Away

Finally opened up Ridge Racer 7 last night.  I bought it when I picked up the system, but have been playing Motorstorm and Resistance. 

First thing… This game is very pretty!  Plays really well, not much different than past iterations, but I like the interface too. You can even “install” it on the HD and load times speed up significantly (as far as I can tell).  I wish Motorstorm would do this as it’s loading times are outrageous. 

On a side note (since this post in the PS3 category), I did play a litle WoW last night.. I think I’m going cold on it again.. 2.1 might revive my interest.  I need to get into some instances again or get some groups together to do the outdoor group required quests.  I have a few that seem to give some good gear (and/or lots of gold).  I did some crap in Netherstorm last night.  I want to up my Consortium rep.  I also need to work on my HH rep, Lower City rep, Sha’tar rep, etc… I DO have Revered with CE, but I have a long way to go on the others.. Need to run some instances for more rep (I think I’ve done most, if not all, the quests)

Another side note (or not so side).. I think Sony should get PopCap to port Peggle to the PS3s PSN.. I think it would be a smash hit !! Supposedly people are getting invitations to the closed beta of Sony Home, but I haven’t gotten anything (not surprising). 

Good luck out there.

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