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April 2007
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A few days ago I rolled a new Warlock on Draenor.  Gnome  🙂

I finally was on when a Guild leader was on and got added to the guild.  I ran around and got to Lvl 6 (I think). I played a warlock once before but on Horde and I have to say that so far I’m liking it.  DoTs are pretty nice and the imp helps out a lot too in the early going.  I guess Warlocks get their “pet” earlier than Hunters since they are a little more fragile (only Cloth armor, etc).  Still looks like it will be a pretty fun class to work on. 

I took Fimlys back to Blades Edge last night and Did the quests for CE there.  I killed the “boss” related to the “costume” quests and also used the Trap you get to take down the Big elite guy in the Ogre area (I’m being real specific here, aren’t I?).  Ended up making over 80g last night in just a few quests and vendoring the rewards. I almost wish this guy was an Enchanter because i would have a TON of good Enchanting mats (but not much gold). 

Decided at about 11:30 that I wanted to play some Motorstorm.  I finally beat the level I was having the most trouble on (only the 2nd one!!!) by switching back to using the thumb stick instead of the motion control to steer.  I think I was just having trouble estimating how far to move the thing to get it to turn correctly.  The game is beautiful and a lot of fun too. I still haven’t opened the PS3 Ridge Racer game I got. I guess I should do that soon. 

I was hoping to head Fimlys into an instance last night (maybe Mech for the last part of the Arc key, or Heroic Underbog [since I can finally get in]) but it didn’t end up happening.  Not a big deal.  Maybe tonight!

That’s all for me this time.  I’m happy to see my readership is up, although it seems to all come from search hits. Ah well..


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