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April 2007
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zzzz Snore…

Logged into WoW last night at my usual time (around 9pm Eastern) and not much going on.  I tried farming Motes of Air, but after 30 minutes with NONE dropping, I decided to give up and try to get my last 111 CE rep to Revered.  I finished a quest I though gave CE rep, but… no rep…  I have another quest I think will do it (that isn’t an instance quest) but I decided (unusually) that I would take some time off and go screw with the PS3 some more. 

I played some God of War 2 (I know, it’s a PS2 game, but it is good and it works on the PS3) and swapped to Yellow Dog Linux to try to play some XviD files, but it didn’t work “out of the box”.  I need to see about what to setup to do that.  I then watched the rest of Underworld: Evolution on BluRay (very niiice).  At around 1am or so (probably more like 1:30am) I went back to login to WoW to check on my auctions and got “suckered” (jk…) into helping finish a Shattered Halls run.  They were almost at the third boss and I joined up to help.  I was a lucky roller last night and picked up a couple of greens from random drops.

3rd boss went down smooth. A two-headed Ogre or something like that.  He talks to himself, really funny…  And lo, what should perchance to fall from his grimy blood-streaked hands?  None other than the Skyfire Hawk-Bow! I was mightily impressed and, with a hearty thanks to my fellow party-mates, I picked up the mighty bow to smite our enemies with righteous (skyfire) rage! (lol) 

Ok.. it was fun.  I got some good lootz… But, by the time we got to the end boss, it was almost 3am (“my time”).  I have a quest (I think we all did) to kill this dude.. Well, easier said than done.  After wiping about 4 times (I think), the initial mobs in the instance started respawning and I asked if they could find me a replacement since my eyelids were getting heavy. So, I didn’t kill the boss… I don’t know if they got it done or not. I’m sure (given the rep grind I have to do) that I will be back in Shattered Halls in the future to test my skill again.  The worst part of that boss fight is the adds that show up pretty quickly.  I have realized that I am really bad at taking out adds. I’m not sure exactly what it is, I’m just not good at it.

That’s about it for now.  Obviously, I’m pretty tired.. I think we are going to try another Kara run tonight.   Wish us luck!

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