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April 2007
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Quick Runs

We were kinda burned out last night.  Lately, I’ve been running instances with two other guildies as our standard group (the 3 of us and 2 others 🙂 ).  Last night we were kinda tired and wanted something a little less challenging, taking a little less time.

When one of our fellow Mythosians alts needed to do Furnace and Ramparts, we jumped at the chance.. So, we went and smushed these instances in about an Hour each (I think).  We had 3 70’s and 2 <70 (don’t remember the levels)..  2 Hunters (1 70 and 1 other), 1 Shadow priest (< 70), Warrior (70), and Resto Druid (70).

Very quick run through the two instances.. I had never done the quests for one of these (I don’t remember which, maybe Ramparts) and discovered this AFTER we were almost finished 🙂

I did finish a couple of quests and now I know why I have so little rep with Honor Hold.  I need to try to get through this again to finish the quests and then run Shattered Halls a few times to get up to revered. I really want to get some Heroic keys so I can get into a group to try these out. Supposedly the lootz is phat. (whatever that means..)

I may be taking it easy the next couple of days, maybe I’ll spend some time screwing around with my PS3.  I know we’re supposed to go to Kara Friday and Saturday, but I may not be included (we have a lot of ppl attuned now and hunters aren’t as useful as other classes in raids).

Anyone have any ideas on if I should try respeccing Survival?  Is it worth it?  My DPS is pretty nice specced MM with a bit of BM (for pet survivability and DPS). Let me know what you think.

Speak u later.

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