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April 2007
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A Little YDL

Amazing! It’s a post that doesn’t have something to do with WoW….  I’ve had a few.. Yes I have.. Go check! Again this one is about the PS3 though.. I should make a PS3 Category. Do you think I use too many periods? ….. …. …. I like them.. They make me happy.

Ok. Back on topic. (look only 1 period each! …)

So, I took about an hour and installed Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3.  It was pretty painless although for some reason it didn’t want to read the otheros.self and otheros.bld files from one of my USB drives (works for everything else though).  Tried a different one and it worked like a champ.  Stick the YDL DVD into the drive and change the OS to load to “otheros”.  Bingo.. Had to dig out a USB mouse though to make things easier.  I think I need to get me a powered hub for this sucker, I keep plugging in tons of stuff. 

I installed it, but really didn’t get to play with it too much.. Installs without a hitch, no problems, no configuring, great stuff.  There is a menu entry to switch back to the PS3 OS on the desktop menu and the interface looks great on my 720p TV. I am going to take some time (maybe tonight) to work on playing videos and music and such, maybe setup mythTV if I can. 

I also played around with pulling pictures from my camera’s CF card (I got the 60GB PS3 so it has media card readers).  Worked great. I like how it sorts the pictures by date, my only concern is what happens when you have a ton of pictures on there for many many dates.. Might get a little unwieldy I would think. (almost misspelled unwieldy… oh, maybe I did anyway. I suck at speling 😉 )

That’s about it for my “off topic” rant of the day.. Ok, no rant.. “Review” 🙂

I’ll be back with a WoW update later (probably not much later or I’ll forget what I want to write.)

I’m not seeing any comments!!!! I know, most of you are here because a search engine brought you and the posts here have nothing to do with the topic you are looking for.  But then again, you guys won’t be reading this far down in a post! 🙂

I’m outta here..

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